2021 Releases


Genre: Romance

Publisher: Harlequin/Desire

Series: Cress Brothers #1

Will their fairy tale last past midnight? From reader favorite Niobia Bryant…

He’s a man used to getting what he wants.

Then he meets her…

Gabriel Cress is heir to his family’s restaurant empire—and is expected to behave as such. Not seduce the housekeeper. But beneath Monica Darby’s shy exterior is a siren who makes the jaded New Yorker burn for more. But when Gabe’s meddling family and a surprise inheritance raise doubts he can’t ignore, will the clock strike twelve on their budding affair?

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite. 

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One Night with Cinderella | International Edition: Australian 

2 BOOK BUNDLE with Back in the Texas Bed by Naima Simone


UK ONWCOne Night with Cinderella | International Edition: United Kingdom

2 BOOK BUNDLE with Scandalizing the CEO by Yvonne Lindsay


German ONWC

Zu Einer Nacht Sag Ich Nicht Nein (‎To A Night I Do Not Say No)‎ | Foreign Language: German

3 BOOK BUNBLE with Du Setzt Mein Herz In Flammen by Kianna Alexander and So Wild Und ZÄrtlich Wie Zuvor by Reese Ryan 


French ONWCLa mésalliance inattendue (Unexpected Misalliance) | Foreign Language: French

2 BOOK BUNDLE with Un Si Délicieux Mensonge by Cat Shield


ONWC foreign

En nat med Askepot (A Night of Cinderella) | Foreign Language: Danish 

3 BOOK BUNDLE with En langsom forelskelse  by Janice Maynard and Tillid skal vindes by Andrea Laurence


ONWC Finnish

Ruoalle, elämälle ja rakkaudelle (For food, life and love) | Foreign Language: Finnish  

2 BOOK BUNDLE with Suloinen suostuttelu by Janice Maynard


ONWC Swedish Plikt och passion (Duty and passion) | Foreign Language: Swedish 

2 BOOK BUNDLE with Modet att älska by Jayci Lee


ONWC Bokmal

Plikt og lidenskap | Foreign Language: Bokmål/Norwegian  

2 BOOK BUNDLE with Stjerner og skandaler by Jules Bennett




Genre: Romance

Publisher: Harlequin/Desire

Series: Cress Brothers #2

Mixing business and pleasure is a recipe for trouble in this red-hot upstairs-downstairs romance by Niobia Bryant.

When it’s too hot in the kitchen…

He’ll take it to the bedroom…

The rebel of the wealthy Cress dynasty, chef Cole Cress, has only one rule: never fall in love. But the heat that keeps sizzling between Cole and his delectable fellow chef, Jillian Rossi, is irresistible—dangerously so. Because Jillian comes from a different world, and the Cress family will do whatever it takes to extinguish this blaze…even if Cole gets burned.

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

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TRH Australia

 THE REBEL HEIR | International Edition: Australia 


trh ukTHE REBEL HEIR | International Edition: United Kingdom 


TRH german

Man Nehme: Lust Und Leidenschaft (Take: Lust and Passion‎) | Foreign Language: German | Oct 2021




Genre: Drama

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Mistress #6

National bestselling author Niobia Bryant serves up a scorchingly sexy and scandalous novel about finding love, reigniting passion, keeping secrets—and way too many incendiary lies . . .

After surviving a shattering betrayal by a former friend, Jaime Pine has every reason to celebrate. Stronger and savvier after her “perfect” marriage crashed-and-burned, Jaime now has Luc, a billionaire music mogul willing to give her everything, including a dazzling career, and what looks like a forever happily-ever-after. Until a no-limits island vacation with her best friends turns up the last person Jaime ever expected to see again.

Unforgettable Graham Walker, aka “Pleasure,” is an ex-escort skilled at mind-blowing sex. But now, after coming to terms with his own troubled past, Graham is a changed man. And Jaime finds him more irresistible than ever. Yet after one last no-holds-barred night together and a connection that can’t be denied, Jaime decides to finally put Graham in the past and move on with her new life as planned. She accepts Luc’s proposal of marriage—and then discovers she’s pregnant.

Torn and confused, Jaime spins a desperate web of half-truths and lies-of-omission to protect both men—and herself—as she struggles to choose her path. But when her secrets explode in public, the choice is made for her. Can she deal with her mistakes honestly and do what’s best for everyone involved?

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TTB Mills & Boon

ISLAND ESCAPES: Passion in Paradise | International Reissue | Oct. 28, 2021

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Harlequin/Mills & Boon

3 Books in One!

A Deal with Benefits (One Night With Consequences) by Susanna Carr

The Far Side of Paradise by Robyn Donald

Tempting the Billionaire (Passion Grove #2) by Niobia Bryant 


STREET QUEEN (w/a Meesha Mink) | New Release |  TBA

Genre: Street Lit, Urban Fiction, Crime Fiction

Publisher: Infinite Ink Presents…

Series: Queen #3

In this long-awaited action-packed entry to the acclaimed Queen series, Naeema “Queen” Cole—a crime solving modern day Foxy Brown—is once again on the hunt for a killer on the streets of Newark…

Naeema has avenged the brutal murder of the son she never knew and taken out the culprit behind the attempted assassination of her on-again off-again husband Tank. She hoped deadly vengeance was no longer a part of her life and normalcy would reign.

She was wrong.

Her wild and crazy next-door neighbor/friend, Coko “Hunga” Brown, has been found dead from an apparent heroin overdose but Naeema knows she was fresh out of rehab and appeared sober the last time she saw her. Suspecting foul play, she is going undercover once more as “Queen” and using Coko’s social media accounts to retrace the last days leading up to a death she’s sure is murder in disguise.

Delivering yet another “sassy, sexy streetwise story,” (New York Post), bestselling Meesha Mink’s Naeema “Queen” Cole is playing it all by ear with nothing but grit, her gut instincts, and a plan to make her friend’s killer wish they were already dead.

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Hot & Strong FINALHOT AND STRONG: A Strong Family Novella | New Release | TBA

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Infinite Ink Presents…

Series: Strong Family #10 (Ivy and Logan)

More info coming soon!



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