Romance by Niobia Bryant


AN OFFER FROM MR. WRONG | July 28, 2022

Series: Cress Brothers #3

A chef turned secret heir cooks up a fake—and deliciously tempting—relationship in bestselling author Niobia Bryant’s delectable Cress Brothers novel.

Will a fake relationship help a reluctant heir claim his birthright?

As the recently discovered secret heir to the Cress Dynasty, chef Lincoln Cress isn’t exactly fitting in with his new family. A girlfriend for hire would help, and private investigator Bobbie Barnett, who discovered his Cress connection, fits the bill. It’s a simple deal that has nothing to do with her wavy hair, full lips or how she incites his wickedest appetites. Now Lincoln’s risking everything—including the Cress family’s reputation—on a proposal that has nothing to do with business…and everything to do with pleasure.

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

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Hot & Strong FINALHOT AND STRONG | eBook Indie | Decemer 18, 2021

Series: Strong Family #10 and Hot Holtsville #13

The much-loved Strong Family series by National Bestselling Author Niobia Bryant continues as the family revisits a romance from the past that is a cornerstone for their lasting legacy of love and ranching…

Logan Strong is new to the small rural town of Holtsville, South Carolina, and brings with him a Texas background of cattle ranching and horse wrangling. He’s one sexy Black cowboy, something Ivy Child fights hard to ignore even as she aims Colt .38 revolver at him when he offers her a ride home. Neither Logan nor Ivy are looking for love. He’s a loner cowboy who enjoys his nomadic lifestyle, and she’s experienced so much heartbreaking loss that she doesn’t believe happiness is possible for her.

Danger and the brutality of racism come to Holtsville as a wealthy outsider hopes to scare away the Black townsfolk and claim their land for his future development plans. After having to rescue Ivy numerous times from near calamities, Logan offers her a marriage in name only to provide her with his protection.  Secretly she’s thankful to have more to rely on than her pistol and the solitude of her own company, so she accepts. Soon close quarters and an attraction neither can continue to deny leads to passion and romance that is hot and strong. With more than ever to fight to defend, Logan and Ivy join forces with the rest of the town to ensure no one or nothing will destroy Holtsville or their chance at love and happiness.

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TRHTHE REBEL HEIR | May 25, 2021

Series: Cress Brothers #2

Mixing business and pleasure is a recipe for trouble in this red-hot upstairs-downstairs romance by Niobia Bryant.

When it’s too hot in the kitchen…

He’ll take it to the bedroom…

The rebel of the wealthy Cress dynasty, chef Cole Cress, has only one rule: never fall in love. But the heat that keeps sizzling between Cole and his delectable fellow chef, Jillian Rossi, is irresistible—dangerously so. Because Jillian comes from a different world, and the Cress family will do whatever it takes to extinguish this blaze…even if Cole gets burned.

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

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onwcONE NIGHT WITH CINDERELLA | February 9, 2021

Series: Cress Brothers #1

Will their fairy tale last past midnight? From reader favorite Niobia Bryant…

He’s a man used to getting what he wants.

Then he meets her…

Gabriel Cress is heir to his family’s restaurant empire—and is expected to behave as such. Not seduce the housekeeper. But beneath Monica Darby’s shy exterior is a siren who makes the jaded New Yorker burn for more. But when Gabe’s meddling family and a surprise inheritance raise doubts he can’t ignore, will the clock strike twelve on their budding affair?

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

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2 Books for 1 Edition!

Series: Passion Grove #4 of 4

Despite her family’s billions, Samira Ansah is climbing the corporate ladder on her own. She needs to buy a lucrative property owned by bestselling author Emerson Lance Miller. The sexy recluse isn’t selling, but when he assumes she’s his new assistant, Samira plays along to get closer. There’s nothing fake about the sizzling attraction between these two opposites. But revealing the truth could close the book on their future…

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1STRONG LOVING | eBook Indie | Now Available

Series: Strong Family #9 and Hot Holtsville #12

In the ninth installment of her much-loved Strong Family series, bestselling author Niobia Bryant delivers a new “Sexy, Funny and Oh So Real” romance novella about pulling a broken marriage from the flames and fighting for real love…

Kaleb Strong and his wife, Zaria, beat the odds of a May/December relationship and their different personalities (he’s serious and she’s playful) to find their happily ever after with each other. Some years have passed and some of the romance has faded. As she nears the eve of her birthday, Kaleb’s coolness and distance over the last year has Zaria worried that their fifteen-year age gap has finally taken their toll—especially when a beautiful and much younger journalist seems to be vying for his attention.

When Zaria moves out of their family home with their small children and begins a life without him, Kaleb knows he has to reveal the secret behind his distance in their marriage and fight once more to prove to Zaria that his love for her is stronger than ever and age is still nothing but a number…

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9781335005885_SMPTHE BILLIONAIRE’S BABY | Now Available

2-for-1 Edition!

Series: Passion Grove #3

Determined to be her own woman, former reckless party girl Marisa Martinez starts a chocolate business and rents a small house in Passion Grove. But when one hot night with billionaire businessman Naim Ansah leads to an unexpected pregnancy, the sexy, complex man refuses to let her do everything by herself. Losing some independence has Marisa pondering the future of their relationship, and if love can truly overcome every obstacle.

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Series: Passion Grove #2

An irresistible but forbidden temptation…

Betrayed by his fiancée, self-made billionaire Chance Castillo plans to sue his ex for her share of their million-dollar wedding. His unexpected attraction to his beautiful, brilliant new attorney sure takes his mind off his troubles. But Ngozi Johns has an ironclad rule: she never dates a client. Ngozi got where she is by following her own guidelines. Until one hot, steamy night with the gorgeous Dominican changes everything.

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WELCOME BACK, MY LOVE | eBook Indie | Now Available

Series: Strong Family #8 and Hot Holtsville #11

Meena Ali’s extended family—The Strongs—are filled with couples who are in love, but she can’t seem to move past the break-up of her parents that was caused by an affair. Passion? She enjoys it. Love? She’s tried her best to avoid it…until she meets Armstrong Mann. This charmer with a big smile, and even bigger arms with which to hold her, is simply hard to resist. Still, she is hesitant to commit leading to their break-up. When her “Mann-Mann” is in a car accident out of town and comes home with amnesia—not remembering her or the love they shared—she is forced to realize losing him was a mistake. He has with him a sexy nurse in tow who claims to have nothing but his best interest at heart as he struggles to remember his life. Wanting the nurse gone and the affection Armstrong once had for her returned, Meena digs in for the good fight to ensure she is able to rekindle their flame and welcome back the man she loves into her life.

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Also available, along with the Strong Family novella, JUST SAY YES, in paperback:


9781335216656_smpA BILLIONAIRE AFFAIR | Now Available

Series: Passion Grove #1

Alessandra Dalmount has been groomed since birth to assume the joint reins of her father’s empire. Now that day has arrived, forcing her to not only abandon her own career goals, but work closely with co-CEO and childhood nemesis Alek Ansah. As they battle for control of the billion-dollar conglomerate, Alessandra fights her attraction to the international playboy that could sabotage her professional future.

Although he pursued other dreams, Alek must honor his late father’s request or risk losing his shares of the Ansah Dalmount Group. But the shy girl he knew has matured into a sophisticated businesswoman he can’t resist. And at a private island resort, he and Alessandra end up making love, not war. Then a shocking revelation erodes her trust…and a breaking scandal could leave only one standing. Can they turn their intense rivalry into a blueprint for success that includes a permanent alliance of love?

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Love Without Limits revLOVE WITHOUT LIMITS |  eBook Indie | Now Available

Same desire. Same passion. Same love. Different world.

They were from different worlds in the midst of a war that should have torn them apart. But after everything is over, can love conquer all?

Aja and her people, the Empaths, have become casualties in an intergalactic war. When Aja is captured, she vows never to become a sex slave. But she must bide her time before she can escape her reluctant captor, no matter how sexually tempting he is.

Anansi has been ‘gifted’ a beautiful gabra or sex slave, who he finds hard to resist. He keeps her captive to protect her from being enslaved by anyone else. But the longer his gabra, Aja, is with him, the harder it is for him to fulfill his destiny. Will he choose love or his legacy?

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Just Say yES

JUST SAY YES | eBook Indie  | Now Available

Series: Strong Family #7 and Hot Holtsville #10

SELECTION: Barnes & Noble’s  Nook Press Presents list of  exciting new and upcoming releases for October and November!

Continuing with her much-loved Strong Family series, bestselling author Niobia Bryant serves up a new romance novella that celebrates destined love…

NEEMA ALI has just suffered a break-up that’s made her gun shy on love. She doubts she will ever repair her heart and risk its well-being again, even if love and happily-ever-after is the tradition of her beloved Strong family.

 DANE JACKSON was raised to believe that the male members of his family find their soul mate once they possess the Jackson heart—a slave relic one of his ancestors made in celebration of his love for his wife. Dane’s no stranger to beautiful woman, but he is looking for something more than just the physical…especially when he meets Neema Ali on the very night his aunt bestows the Jackson heart to him.

Dane must believe his feelings for Neema are more than just a fiery physical attraction and Neema must release the hold her pain has on her heart, to allow a good man to give her the good love she deserves.

In time, they both discover they are stronger and happier together than they are apart…if they both just say yes to love.

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countonthisAfrican American Looking UpCOUNT ON THIS | Now Available

Special 15th Anniversary eBook

WINNER: 2006 eHarlequin’s Reader’s Choice for Favorite Steamy Novel

“What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas!”

In a sequel to the ever-popular Can’t Get Next To You, wild and adventurous April Dutton flies off to Las Vegas for a weekend of fun and games, and is swept off her feet by the dashing and handsome Alexander “Lex” Macmillan. Caught up in a whirlwind romance, the two lovebirds get hitched. But when Lex, who is the CEO of a prestigious family-owned firm, wakes up the next morning and realizes what he’s done, he gets cold feet and pressures April for an annulment. In a fit of rage, April decides to fly to New York and announce their nuptials. But is she really strong enough to withstand Lex’s demands to end the marriage? Or will he stand up to his family and finally follow his heart?

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Print: Count On This  was published in paperback in 2006 and is no longer in print.

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ldiaTorsoLET’S DO IT AGAIN |  Now Available

Special 15th Anniversary eBook


WHERE’S THERE’S A WILL … Malcolm and Serena Saint James fell in love when they were school kids, and thought it would last forever. But a hasty marriage at eighteen led to an even quicker divorce…and a lifelong friendship dissolved into bitterness. Even though the two clash whenever they meet, it’s obvious to everyone–especially Malcolm’s grandmother, Olivia Saint James–that they still strike sparks as well. And Mama James is determined that they reunite … one way or another.

THERE’S A WAY — TO LOVE! When Olivia passes on, she wills Malcolm the cherished family home and Serena half of her $10,000 savings–if they reside in the house for ninety days … together. If not, everything goes to charity. Malcolm can’t stand to lose the beloved house, and Serena, a talented hairstylist, has long dreamed of opening her own salon. The two move back into the old place–with all their old resentments. But they’re not kids anymore …could Mama James’ legacy lead to love regained? 

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Print:  Let’s Do It Again was published in paperback in 2005 and is out of print.

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cgn2uNiobiaBryant_CantGetNextToYou_200CAN’T GET NEXT TO YOU | Now Available

Special 15th Anniversary eBook


WINNER: 2005 Romantic Times Award for Best Multicultural Romance!



Gabrielle “Gabby” Dutton is in love with her boss, but he doesn’t have a clue. Although she lives in his guest house, Max has kept their relationship strictly professional and platonic, choosing to entertain a parade of gorgeous model types that gabby feels she could never compete with instead. So When Max hires Penelope Tillman, a beautiful business manager who makes it clear that she’s looking to marry him, Gabby decides it’s time to pursue the man who’s stolen her heart.


Maxwell Bennett never views his reliable assistant in a romantic light, but when Gabby returns from her trip to Georgia –after getting a sexy makeover to top all makeovers, he’s taken aback by the breathtaking beauty she’s hidden under bulky clothing and awkward glasses. They surrender to their desire for each other–until Penelope, sensing competition, spreads a nasty rumor that causes Gabby to flee. Now with his heart and his business in disarray, Max needs to find Gabby and convince her that she’s been promoted from secretary to soul mate.

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Print: Can’t Get Next To You was published in paperback in 2005 and is out of print.

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NiobiaBryant_ThreeTimesALady_200THREE TIMES A LADY | Now Available

Special 15th Anniversary eBook



A financial analyst who thrives on the pressure and excitement of her job, Mia Gordon is far too invested in her career to be in the market for a relationship. But when she buys a house next door to quietly attractive Jordan Banks, she suddenly finds herself wondering what it would be like to forget about business, as least long enough to surrender to passion … and maybe even love.

A single father with five matchmaking children, Jordan Banks doesn’t have time for a personal life. Yet when his kids plot to pair him with the new next-door neighbor, it doesn’t take long for Jordan to discover what he’s been missing. Beautiful, independent Mia awakens desires he’s forgotten he had. Now all he has to do is convince Mia to take on a new venture -one that includes a ready-made family … and a man who wants to be her one and only love. 

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Print: Three Times A Lady was published in paperback in 2001 and is out of print.

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NobiaBryant_HeavenlyMatch_200HEAVENLY MATCH | Now Available

Special 15th Anniversary eBook

Series: Hot Holtsville #2


SHE HAS NO TIME FOR PLAYBOYS: Tough-talking Anika Foxx is a dedicated social worker with no time for games. So when she meets cocky southern playboy Deshawn Jamison at a friend’s wedding, she knows he’s not her type. She isn’t impressed by his sultry South Carolina charm or his popularity with the ladies – even if he is drop-dead gorgeous. Whatever he may think he’s got, she only has two words for him: not interested.

HE MAY LOSE AT HIS OWN GAME: A contractor by trade, Deshawn knows how to put things together. He also knows how to get any woman he wants, except for Anika Foxx. He vows to seduce her no matter what it takes, and it takes a whole year. Everything’s rosy until Anika discovers his original plan and breaks things off for good. But Deshawn has already fallen hard for her, and he’ll move heaven and earth to try and win her back.

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Print: Heavenly Match was published in paperback in 2004 and is out of print.

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1AOLNobiaBryant_AdmissionOfLove_200ADMISSION OF LOVE  | Now Available

Series: Hot Holtsville #1

WINNER: 2000 Romance in Color Award for Best New Author

WINNER: 2000 Shades of Romance Award for Best African-American Romance


She’s at the top of her glamorous profession – but now supermodel Chloe Bolton is determined to find a more rewarding, peaceful life. As soon as she tries to settle down in her mothers’ rural South Carolina town, she is at instant odds with handsome, reserved Devon Jamison…

Burned by a self-absorbed ex-girlfriend, Devon was sure Chloe was the same shallow type. He’d bet good money she probably wouldn’t stick around Holtsville long enough to see the foundation for her dream house poured. But he soon found Chloe’s spirit and strength challenging him and his carefully-shielded emotions. Now amid hidden hurt and unexpected romantic rivals, Devon and Chloe must discover what they want most and have always waited for.

Please NoteAdmission of Love was originally published in paperback in 2000. The paperback edition is no longer in print.

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More and More - High ResolutionMORE AND MORE (Novella) | Now Available

Mocha Nivens enjoys the casual nature of her long-term, long-distance relationship with businessman Dean Kincaid, but she ends it when he moves back to town wanting more. When Dean dates other women, Mocha realizes what she’s lost, but is it too late to claim the love she deserves?


Please note: “More and More ” was originally published in an anthology in 2009. The novella in now available in paperback in The Novellas (Volume 1): Could It Be?/ More and More.

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Audiobook: This book is not available in an audiobook edition.

Could it BeCOULD IT BE? (Novella) | Now Available

WINNER: 2006 Romance in Color Award for Best Anthology 

Please note: “Could it Be?” originally appeared as a novella in the anthology, YOU NEVER KNOW, about three women who are willing to use some very modern methods to find the right man…

“Could It Be?” by Niobia Bryant

Celebrity fashion stylist–and NY it girl– Ameena Jones makes it her business to keep her thumb on the pulse of what’s new, fresh and trendy in the hometown she loves. When one of her best gal pals gives her a gift certificate for a night of speed dating, Ameena’s willing to give it try if for nothing else then fun kicks. She never imagined she would find love. Sparks instantly fly when she meets successful sports and entertainment attorney Marcus Daniel. Although his quiet and reserved traditional style is so different from her own vibrant, modern, and hip living they are instantly drawn to one another. Now that they’ve found each other life will never be the same…

Please NoteYou Never Know  was originally published in paperback in 2006. The novella in now available in paperback in The Novellas (Volume 1): Could It Be?/ More and More.

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Audiobook: This book is not available in an audiobook edition.

Want, Need, LoveWANT, NEED, LOVE | Now Available

Series: Hot Holtsville #9

NOMINEE: Romance Slam Jam’s 2016 Emma Award for Steamy Romance of the Year

Finding Mr. Right isn’t easy, but in this sexy new novel from bestselling author Niobia Bryant, one woman knows exactly how to do it–for everyone but herself…

Mona Ballinger has a talent for bringing the right people together–and keeping the wrong people apart. But when Anson Tyler’s fiancée ends their engagement thanks to Mona’s advice, he angrily confronts her. Unfortunately, Mona has not only caused him a break in his well-laid plans –she ends up giving him a broken leg as well…

Guilt-ridden over Anson’s injury, Mona decides to help him recover–whether he likes it or not. Soon, comfort turns to chemistry and it seems like Mona may have found a love of her own–until Anson’s handsome brother, Hunter, shows up. His hot pursuit of Mona leaves her conflicted and she flees the small town in South Carolina she calls home for some family wisdom back in her hometown in New Orleans. But the choice she makes only fuels the brothers’ rivalry. Will Mona end up alone once more?. . .

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Strong HeatSTRONG HEAT | Now Available

Series: Strong Family #6 and Hot Holtsville #8

Love is in the air when the Strong brothers and their sister come home for Christmas and re-visit their roots with the very sexy story of how it all began…

Lisha Rockmon just wants a good man who respects her family values.  But most of the men of she meets want to get physical a lot faster than she does–except Kael Strong.  Their attraction is hard to ignore.  Yet the one man Lisha can imagine a future with doesn’t seem ready to get involved at all…

Wounded by his last relationship, Kael is hesitant to open his heart again, even to a woman as irresistible as Lisha. But despite his misgivings–and some outside interference–love just may find a way, setting the stage for future generations…

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Hardcover Edition: Doubleday Book Club (No Longer Available)

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RED HOTRED HOT |  Now Available

Series: Strong Family #5 and Hot Holtsville #7


WINNER: 2012 RT Book Award for Best Multicultural Romance

Is a real man too hot for a pampered diva to handle?…

For Kaitlyn Strong, life has been a fun-filled free ride, all expenses paid by her wealthy father.  As for relationships, why would Kaitlyn want to give up the fabulous single life? But after she goes on her most outrageous spending bender yet, she’s informed it’s time to make her own way.  For a shocked Kaitlyn, that means getting a job–and an affordable apartment to go with it.

Hard-working single father Quinton “Quint” Wells is proud of his job looking after a small apartment building.  But he’s never met a demanding diva like his new tenant, Kaitlyn. Yet despite their verbal clashes, there’s a sizzling attraction between them.  And there’s a budding friendship between Kaitlyn and Quint’s teen daughter, who needs a woman in her life.  Quint needs a woman in his life too, and as the red hot desire between him and Kaitlyn builds, the only choice left is to surrender…

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Hardcover Edition: Doubleday Book Club (No Longer Available)

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THE HOT SPOT | Now Available

Series: Strong Family #4 and Hot Holtsville #6

For one newly single lady, it’s time to make things hot…

When Zaria Ali married her high school sweetheart, she jumped straight into  adulthood. But twenty-one years later, her husband has left her for a younger  woman, her kids are in college-and Zaria is looking to make up for lost time. Who says she can’t be living la vida loca in her forties? And who says she can’t date hot twenty-six-year-old Kaleb Strong?…

Kaleb may be young, but he’s mature-and ready to settle down with the right woman. Zaria lightens up his serious side-and turns him on like no one ever has.  But is there more between them than just explosive chemistry? The only way to  find out is to follow his heart, and show Zaria that when it comes to love, age  is nothing but a number…

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Print: | Barnes and Noble Books-A-Million | Walmart | Indie Bound

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Hardcover Edition: BlackExpressions (No Longer Available)

Audiobook: Audible | iTunes

HEAT WAVE | Anthology | Now Available

New York is having a summer heat wave and three women are feeling it-and dealing with it-each in their own steamy way….

Summer Fever by Donna Hill

Nina Forbes is excited to house sit in the Hamptons-but her handsome neighbor, Barbados native Ian Harrison, excites her even more. Soon the two are sharing conversation, kisses…and sizzling sleepovers. Ian promises to keep in touch after he returns home in the fall. But as the days pass, Nina fears their passion was just summer fever…

One Hot Summer by Niobia Bryant

After a high-profile divorce, event planner Simone “Love” Lovey swears off dating famous people…until sexy star athlete Maleek Trenton enters her life. Their romance is bliss, but Love again finds herself amid paparazzi, groupies-and calls from a woman who claims she’s involved with Maleek, and has intimate details to prove it…

Too Hot To Handle by Zuri Day

Choice McKinley gets stuck in an elevator during a blackout, on the hottest July 4th ever. That she’s locked in with gorgeous Trey Scott only adds to the heat. Soon, relief from the high temperature requires clothing removal and sultry kisses. But Trey doesn’t know Choice is his boss’s off-limits daughter-and Choice doesn’t know Trey is a wanted man. All that will come after the doors open to reality…

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 Print: | Barnes and Noble  | Books-A-Million | Walmart | Indie Bound

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Hardcover Edition: BlackExpressions (No Longer Available)

Audiobook: This book is not available in an audiobook edition.

GIVE ME FEVER | Now Available

Series: Strong Family #3 and Hot Holtsville #5

She had everything she needed…until she met him.

It looked like it would take a miracle for sexy nature guide Jade Prince to notice quiet accountant Kaeden Strong.  Then a camping vacation left them stranded together, sharing a sleeping bag and a wild encounter that burned up the cold night. When it comes to making heat, they’re compatible in every way, except…

He’s a workaholic who’s allergic to the outdoors. She’s an adventuress with a vixen’s body and a tomboy heart. He’s wanted Jade from the moment he saw her, but so do a long line of men–including her business partner, Darren. On paper, Kaeden is all wrong for Jade–but can he prove he’s right in all the ways that really matter?

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mymxlargeMAKE YOU MINE | Now Available

WINNER: 2009 RT Book Award for Best Multicultural Romance

NOMINEE: 2010 RSJ Emma Award for Best Steamy Romance 

It all started with a heated one-night stand…

Three months after a first date that ended in a night of explosive passion, Caress Coleman and Julius Jones find themselves somewhere between roommates with benefits and true love. She’s smart, beautiful—and one paycheck away from broke. He’s smart, handsome, and very successful. But that’s just the beginning of their differences…

She’s a slob—and that’s putting it nicely. He’s a neat freak—and that’s an understatement.  She’s happy in sweatpants.  He’s an urban sophisticate who wears the hippest designer labels.  She’s a Reality TV addict. He prefers listening to jazz.

They’re total opposites in every way but one: they share a sizzling attraction that just won’t quit. But can it last for the long haul?

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Audiobook: This book is not available in an audiobook edition.

Book CoverhlfHOT LIKE FIRE  |  Now Available

(Now back in print)

Series: Strong Family #2 &Hot Holtsville #4


“When it comes to true love, all you need is one spark…”

In the heavily anticipated follow-up to Heated, sexy widower Kade Strong has just moved back into the house he once shared with his wife, hoping to bring some stability into his six-year-ol daughter Kadina’s life. He certainly isn’t looking for a relationship, but the women of Holtsville, South Carolina have a different ideas and are willing to do anything to get his attention. Only Garcelle Santos respects Kade’s grief. Although he isn’t ready to let anyone into his life, Kade can’t help being irresistibly drawn to Garcelle…

Studying to be a nurse, Garcelle can use a little extra money and accepts Kade’s job offer to baby-sit Kadina even though their first meeting was filled with drama. Once they get past their differences, a deep friendship is soon forged between Garcelle and Kade. When Garcelle sees the tricks the neighborhood women have up their sleeves to get near Kade, she makes it her business to protect him. But when she finds herself getting jealous, she realizes she’s fallen in love with Kade. And after a stormy night alone, Garcelle and Kade surrender to a desire that only leaves them wanting more…

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Print: | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | Walmart | Target | Indie Bound

eBook: KindleiBook | Google | Nook

Audiobook: This book is not available in an audiobook edition.

Book CoverHEATED | Now Available

Series: Strong Family #1 and Hot Holtsville #3

NOMINEE: 2006 African-American Literary Awards for Best Romance

“Taking a chance on love could cost them everything…”

Bianca King is living the golden life in metro Georgia with a booming veterinary practice and a steady string of dates–until her somewhat estranged father asks for her help in keeping the family ranch afloat. When Bianca returns to her small South Carolina hometown, she meets the latest threat, neighboring rancher Kahron Strong, a man with knowing eyes and the body of a gladiator. But this competition may just do Bianca some good…

Ever ambitious, Kahron has his eyes on the Kings ranch–among other things. Bianca rejects his offer to buy, but he’s not one to take no for an answer, even if it comes from the sexiest lips he’s never kissed. But when a series of dangerous accidents puts the business AND Bianca at risk, Kahron decides the auburn beauty is much more valuable than her land. As they come together to track the source of the trouble, Bianca will have to surrender her resolve and her heart to save the ranch …and something she cares about even more.

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Audiobook: This book is not available in an audiobook edition.


In 2015 I reached my 15th anniversary as a published author, and to celebrate I am reissuing my first six books and two novellas as Special 15th Anniversary edition eBooks!  More info via the link above…

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