Drama by Niobia Bryant


MADAM X | April 25, 2023 

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Madam #2 of 2

By popular demand, national bestselling author Niobia Bryant brings you the sizzling, sexy, twist-a-minute follow-up to Madam, May I, in which Manhattan’s most exclusive madam discovers her past is back with a vengeance . . .

Billionaire celebrity clients, anything-goes erotic nights, seductive betrayals—Desdemona Dean couldn’t wait to leave the high-end prostitution game behind. Now settled down with the only man she’s ever loved, Desi is getting the chances her shattered childhood denied her—and making her life truly her own. Until a basketball superstar publicly credits Madam X’s unmatched sexual services for his astonishing career. Add an anonymous tip to the police—and suddenly Desi is in the center of a social and tabloid media firestorm . . .

Knowing others’ secret desires has always kept Desi safe—and hiding her own wrenching past is the only protection she could ever trust. But her lies are taking her relationship apart piece by piece, keeping her only seconds ahead of the police—and exposing her to a malicious blackmailer determined to destroy her for good.

Now Desi will need all her nerve and cool, calculating bravado to take down her enemies and outmaneuver the law. But once she reveals who she used to be, can she survive the consequences to hold on to the woman she’s become?

Praise for Madam, May I

“The heroine is the hook, and she rocks it.” Kirkus Reviews

“There’s plenty of heat in this absorbing romance.” Booklist 


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HER PLEASURE | June 29, 2021

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Mistress #6 of 6

National bestselling author Niobia Bryant serves up a scorchingly sexy and scandalous novel about finding love, reigniting passion, keeping secrets—and way too many incendiary lies . . .

After surviving a shattering betrayal by a former friend, Jaime Pine has every reason to celebrate. Stronger and savvier after her “perfect” marriage crashed-and-burned, Jaime now has Luc, a billionaire music mogul willing to give her everything, including a dazzling career, and what looks like a forever happily-ever-after. Until a no-limits island vacation with her best friends turns up the last person Jaime ever expected to see again.

Unforgettable Graham Walker, aka “Pleasure,” is an ex-escort skilled at mind-blowing sex. But now, after coming to terms with his own troubled past, Graham is a changed man. And Jaime finds him more irresistible than ever. Yet after one last no-holds-barred night together and a connection that can’t be denied, Jaime decides to finally put Graham in the past and move on with her new life as planned. She accepts Luc’s proposal of marriage—and then discovers she’s pregnant.

Torn and confused, Jaime spins a desperate web of half-truths and lies-of-omission to protect both men—and herself—as she struggles to choose her path. But when her secrets explode in public, the choice is made for her. Can she deal with her mistakes honestly and do what’s best for everyone involved?


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41eXLFOfcvLMADAM, MAY I | May 28, 2019 (Trade and Audiobook)

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Madam #1 of 2

She’s the ultimate madam with a heart of gold. But can she fulfill her own dreams—and stay at the top?
In the business of high-end, no-limits desire, Desdemona Dean is the best there is. This
gorgeous madam can provide any sensual fantasy, ignite any insatiable hunger. She fiercely protects the women who work for her and helps them attain the lives they deserve—especially when it comes to her beautiful, troubled new protégé, Portia. But for Desi, having it all is no longer enough. She wants everything her shattered childhood denied her. And as she pursues an education and a normal life, she’s falling hard for her handsome tutor—and can’t resist schooling him in ways that are turning into more than just passion . . .

But as Portia spirals out of control, she’s exposing any number of dangerous secrets.  And as Desi desperately tries to save her and manage the damage, she’s putting everything she’s worked to build at risk. Now with her empire in peril, Desi must discover if she can survive . . . and truly be free.

“Desi’s thought-provoking backstory and transformation keep the reader engaged and sympathetic. The heroine is the hook, and she rocks it.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Niobia Bryant did such a great job writing this novel. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this book, or these characters.”– NetGalley Reviewer


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Mistress4HireMISTRESS FOR HIRE | Now Available

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Mistress #5 of 6

National bestselling author Niobia Bryant detonates an explosive, relentlessly shocking tale of betrayal, desire, and revenge as a dish best never served . . .

She cheated with one of her best friends’ husbands—and turned scathing publicity into
cash-money celebrity. But Jessa Bell has reformed. She’s trying to make amends to those she did wrong, and she’s started a successful business catching rich unfaithful spouses. Her agents are beautiful lost girls who get a shot at the good life. And when Jessa’s sizzling affair with private detective Hammer turns into love and marriage, she’s sure she’s finally doing things right . . . Until she catches Hammer sleeping with one of her agents just months after their wedding. His betrayal, plus the return of someone from her past who is being used by her deadliest enemy, makes Jessa go back to her old ways with a vengeance . . .

Now Jessa’s leaving no secret buried as she pursues every forbidden passion—and shatters the lives of those who cross her. But it’s the enemies Jessa doesn’t see coming who have her dead in their sights. And she’ll need to up her game past the limit to face a devastating truth—and survive.

Praise for the Mistress series:

Enthralls to the last twist.” —RT Book Reviews

A fast-paced, sexy romp.” —APOOO Book Club


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Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Mistress #4 of 6


RT Award/Best Multicultural  Fiction Nominee!

Introduced in Niobia Bryant’s bestselling Mistress series, he’s the ultimate irresistible temptation. And he’s always in control. Until now…

Pleasure is his name, one that women whisper—and scream—with desire. As first a popular exotic dancer and then a top escort, he stokes his clients’ deepest longings and fulfills their every sexy fantasy. His climb has taken him from the streets’ most lethal ride-or-die ladies to the even more dangerous world of wealthy, powerful women. All along, he believed leveraging his chiseled body for a life of luxury would help him finally outrun his tormented childhood and bitter distrust…

But now a mysterious woman he doesn’t recognize has him at her mercy, determined to punish him for reasons he doesn’t understand. Saving his own life means Pleasure must figure out which of the women from his past has a deadly obsession brought on by either the insatiable passions he ignited or the pain he caused. A secret he long since buried also arises– and even if he survives—facing it may give him a chance at real happiness—or destroy him?…

The Pleasure Trap is another testament to Bryant’s awesome imagination. . . we are swept off our feet during the climatic reveal.” –RT Book Review


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Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Friends & Sins #3 of 3

Library Journal’s Top Pick of the Month

From national bestselling author Niobia Bryant comes a sexy and  thrilling new novel featuring the ladies you loved from Live and Learn and Show and Tell Alizé, Moët, Dom, and Cristal. Now they’ve put their nicknames, and everything else about Newark, NJ, behind them—but someone doesn’t want them to forget…

Monica, a CEO with celebrity clients, loves her life. But when her man loses his high-powered corporate job and pressures her to start a family, Monica finds herself involved with a client who wants to mix business with pleasure—or else…

Successful author Keesha is blowing through her money—and cheating on her fiancé. When her new friend, Jeremiah, discovers her deception, Keesha stands to lose everything…

Danielle has fame and fortune as a TV co-host. Her relationships are strictly for pleasure—until she reconnects with the only man she ever loved. But Danielle wasn’t looking for love…or for the secrets from her past being used to torment her…

A full-time mom and preacher’s wife, Latoya is feeling the strain of living under the eye of the church. Her only relief comes from the pills no one knows she’s popping. At least she thinks no one knows…

After five years apart, the women don’t expect to meet again—until they begin receiving mysterious taunts about their personal secrets. Soon, all roads lead back to their friendship—but one of them won’t make it through alive.


“The author’s skillful mix of hot sex, betrayal, heartbreak, and realistic characters is sure to please both soap opera and street lit fans. This one’s a winner.”  —Library Journal, Pick of the Month

“Bryant also gives these sexy, fearless women a razor-sharp edge that reveals admirable grit and honesty.  — Publishers Weekly 

“Bryant’s latest is an intriguing story with plenty of twists and turns for each of the four main characters. This story is never predictable and it’s riveting until the last page.”– RT Book Reviews, 4 stars


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MISTRESS, INC. | Now Available

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Mistress #3 of 6

From the author of Mistress No More comes a sexy, exciting novel about an ex-mistress who’s doing her best to give up her bad-girl ways…

When Jessa Bell revealed she was having an affair with one of her best friends’ husbands, no one would have predicted she’d soon be playing the part of the reformed mistress–least of all Jessa. But her experience–and ensuing remorse–has landed her on all the national talk shows and scored her a major book deal. Now that she’s pregnant with her ex-lover’s baby, Jessa’s determined to cash in on all the attention. Trouble is, she isn’t feeling much genuine regret.

Shunned by her former friends, Jessa is still being propositioned by married men–and decides to start a business to help wives catch their cheating husbands. But when more secrets about her past are exposed, it’s going to be tough for her to stay on the straight and narrow–even if it spells disaster for her future…


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RECKLESS  | Now Available

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Desire raises the stakes–and the danger. . .

Desperate Housewife by Cydney Rax
Carmen Foster thinks she has it all–a perfect house, kids, and marriage. Until she stumbles upon racy texts from her husband, Forrest, to his baby mama, Toni–who desperately wants Forrest back. Carmen is devastated and decides she can forgive Forrest if she just has an affair of her own. But when a scheming Toni gets involved and threatens to reveal Carmen’s secret, revenge takes an unexpected and explosive turn…

Sinful by Niobia Bryant
A psychologist specializing in addiction, Brie Bailey is surprised to find that her work is affecting her personal life in unexpected ways. For the first time, she has something to hide. And when her impulsive actions lead her into a web of danger, Brie finds herself losing control of everything. . .

L.A. Confidential by Grace Octavia
Stevie Silver, Black Hollywood’s sitcom sweetheart, is in for a run of very bad luck. Her conniving assistant, Kristine, has her sights on Stevie’s career–and on her T.V. producer husband. Kristine will do whatever it takes to win, from blackmail to seduction. But when a series of lies and betrayals comes to a head in the canyons behind the Hollywood sign, more than stardom is at stake. . .


Trade Paperback and Mass Market: Out of print
The full anthology has limited availability, but Sinful (A Novella) by Niobia Bryant
has been released alone in eBook format: Kindle | Nook | Apple Books | Google Play
Hardcover: BlackExpressions (No Longer Available)
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MISTRESS NO MORE | Now Available
Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Mistress #2 of 6

Made Black Expressions’ Best Books of 2011 List!

The much-anticipated sequel to the bestseller Message from a Mistress is here! Will the wives finally get their revenge on their notorious “frenemy”? Niobia Bryant thrills readers again with another bold, sexy, suspense-packed story!

In Message from a Mistress, Jessa Bell shocks her three married girlfriends by texting them all that she’s sleeping with one of their husbands—and refused to reveal which one. All three women had reason to believe they had cheating liars on their hands, and much chaos and heartache ensued. But for some of these women, the curse may actually have been a blessing…. Jaime Hall starts to see her husband for who he really is—a judgmental, controlling man who only cares about himself. Aria Livewell turns to therapy to cope—and learns things about herself that actually improve her life. And Renee Clinton has a hard time grappling with what’s true and isn’t, but may eventually see what’s really important when all is said and done. So Jessa may be ready to confront the ladies and move on. But she may soon learn that revenge isn’t just sweet: It can be deadly. Because nothing will ever be the same once Jessa Bell decides that she’s a mistress no more…


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Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Mistress #1 of 6

Niobia Bryant–the red-hot author of Show and Tell–delivers a sexy, unforgettable novel about love, infidelity, and the importance of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Though good times and bad, longtime friends Jaime, Renee, Aria, and Jessa have shared just about everything. But all hell breaks loose when Jessa texts them a shocking revelation: she’s been sharing her bed–with one of their husbands. To make matters worse, she refuses to name which husband she’s been cheating with. And all three wives have reason to worry…

Jaime wonders if her own past infidelity drove her man into Jessa’s waiting arms…Renee thinks her busy career opened the door for Jessa to step in and fulfill her wifely duties…and Aria fears her competitive relationship with Jessa pushed her so-called friend to claim the ultimate prize in revenge.

The betrayed trio vow to stick together. But before the identity of Jessa’s lover is revealed, each woman’s deepest secrets will be exposed for all to see–and they’ll need each other more than ever.



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Book Cover

SHOW AND TELL | Now Available

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Friends & Sins #2 of 3

Niobia Bryant delivers a sizzling, provocative follow-up to Live and Learn–exploring the bonds among four friends who are about to discover that getting your desires met can sometimes cost you everything…

Ambitious grad student Monica Winters, aka Alizé, can’t turn down the chance to intern at one of the nation’s most prestigious companies. Even if it means working side by side with Cameron Steele–the one man she’s ever loved, who’s now planning a wedding with another woman…Hard-working single mom Latoya James, aka Moët, has made some mistakes, but she’s finally healed her relationship with her religious parents. But then her baby’s father, a multi-platinum rap artist, demands sole custody of their daughter, and she finds herself wondering how to hold onto her faith when she has no choice but to fight dirty…

Struggling to maintain her sobriety, Keesha Lands, aka “Dom” Perignon, gave up her lucrative stripper job and is working for minimum wage at her daughter’s daycare center. But it turns out burying her past is harder than she thinks–and soon it will take every ounce of strength to resist her old life…

When a New York socialite takes her under her wing, Danielle Johnson, aka Cristal, finds herself tempted by the good life. But can her relationship with the sexy handyman who’s taught her everything about love survive her fantasies of wealth?


Trade Paperback: Out of  print

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LIVE AND LEARN | Now Available

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Friends and Sins #1 of 3

Set in her hometown of Newark, NJ, this popular bestselling author brings you ahip, sexy, and drama-filled story of four friends with choices to b made, sins to be forgiven, and lessons to learn.

It’s 24/7 money to burn, it’s fancy houses, designer clothes, and luxury cars. It’s leaving no-pay jobs and crumbling projects to have everything mad cash flow. And best friends, Alize, Dom, Moet, and Cristal will do anything to get the glamorous life–and put the past in the rear-view mirrors of their brand-new whips. A savvy and smart business major, Alize had her childhood shattered by the divorce of her parents and is determined to never fall in love and risk being hurt. Dom learned early to use her sizzling-hot body to make much bank–and find an escape from her too dark looks and drug-addicted mother. Disillusioned by the faith and strict parents she grew up with, Moet figures hooking up with powerful men is now the real way to heaven. And streetwise Cristal has a master plan to get the security she never to knew as foster child.

To make these dreams come true, these sistahs will go after the East Coast’s biggest movers-and-shakers–superstar rappers, mega-successful moguls, and powerful thugs-for-life. But between the wild times and wilder men, one of them is going to gamble one time too many, one will play a player too far, one will take a dangerous chance, and one will face a hard real-deal choice. To survive, they’ll have to depend on each other and remember who they truly are to learn that the good life doesn’t cost a thing…


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