2020 Releases


MADAM, MAY I | Large Print Edition (Reprint)

Genre: Drama
Release Date: November 2020
Series: Madam #1

Already available in trade, mass market and audio editions

“Desdemona Dean is the best there is. This gorgeous madam can provide any sensual fantasy, ignite any insatiable hunger. She fiercely protects the women who work for her and helps them attain the lives they deserve – especially when it comes to her beautiful, troubled new protégé, Portia. But for Desi, having it all is no longer enough. She wants everything her shattered childhood denied her. And as she pursues an education and a normal life, she’s falling hard for her handsome tutor – and can’t resist schooling him in ways that are turning into more than just passion.”


STREET QUEEN written as Meesha Mink | New Release

Genre: Street Lit/Crime Fiction
Release Date: 
Postponed until 2021
Queen #3

In this long-awaited action-packed entry to the acclaimed Queen series, Naeema “Queen” Cole—a crime solving modern day Foxy Brown—is once again on the hunt for a killer on the streets of Newark…

Naeema has avenged the brutal murder of the son she never knew and taken out the culprit behind the attempted assassination of her on-again off-again husband Tank. She hoped deadly vengeance was no longer a part of her life and normalcy would reign.

She was wrong.

Her wild and crazy next-door neighbor/friend, Coko “Hunga” Brown, has been found dead from an apparent heroin overdose but Naeema knows she was fresh out of rehab and appeared sober the last time she saw her. Suspecting foul play, she is going undercover once more as “Queen” and using Coko’s social media accounts to retrace the last days leading up to a death she’s sure is murder in disguise.

Delivering yet another “sassy, sexy streetwise story,” (New York Post), bestselling Meesha Mink’s Naeema “Queen” Cole is playing it all by ear with nothing but grit, her gut instincts, and a plan to make her friend’s killer wish they were already dead.


“You’ll find the prose strong, the premise compelling, and a cast of dynamic well-developed characters. Enjoy the ride.” (Ebony Magazine)

“A well laid out plot spiced with wild sex . . . Mink’s books are the real deal.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Mink’s energy and grit make it a fun read.” (Juicy Magazine)

“The Real Wifeys series tells the tales of strong female characters who overcome obstacles while standing by or getting over the men that they love.” (AllHipHop.com)

“Unexpected storylines. . . Very realistic. . . A quick read with an engaging main character.” (Huffington Post)

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TEMPTING THE BILLIONAIRE | UK Edition (Foreign Reprint)

Genre: Romance
Release Date: 2020
Publisher: Mills & Boone/Desire
Series: Passion Grove #2

An irresistible but forbidden temptation…

Betrayed by his fiancée, self-made billionaire Chance Castillo plans to sue his ex for her share of their million-dollar wedding. His unexpected attraction to his beautiful, brilliant new attorney sure takes his mind off his troubles.

But Ngozi Johns has an ironclad rule: she never dates a client. Ngozi got where she is by following her own guidelines. Until one hot, steamy night with the gorgeous Dominican changes everything.

ABA m&bA BILLIONAIRE AFFAIR | UK Edition (Foreign Reprint)

Genre: Romance
Release Date: 
Mills & Boon/Desire
Passion Grove #2

Love is the ultimate power play

Alessandra Dalmount has been groomed since birth to assume the joint reins of her father’s empire. Now that day has arrived, forcing her to not only abandon her own career goals, but work closely with co-CEO and childhood nemesis Alek Ansah. As they battle for control of the billion-dollar conglomerate, Alessandra fights her attraction to the international playboy that could sabotage her professional future.

Although he pursued other dreams, Alek must honor his late father’s request or risk losing his shares of the Ansah Dalmount Group. But the shy girl he knew has matured into a sophisticated businesswoman he can’t resist. And at a private island resort, he and Alessandra end up making love, not war. Then a shocking revelation erodes her trust…and a breaking scandal could leave only one standing. Can they turn their intense rivalry into a blueprint for success that includes a permanent alliance of love?