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Nominee- 2016 Emma Award/Steamy Romance of the Year (Want, Need, Love)

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Nominee- 2010 Emma Award/ Best Steamy Romance (Make You Mine)

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Winner-   2006 Romance in Color Award/ Best Anthology (You Never Know)

Nominee- 2006 African-American Literary Awards/ Best Romance (Heated)

Nominee- 2005 RT Award/ Best African-American Romance (Can’t Get Next to You)

Awarded- RT’s Top Pick of the Month/2005 (Let’s Do it Again)

Awarded- RT’s Top Pick of the Month/2005 (Can’t Get Next to You)

Awarded- RT’s Top Pick of the Month/2004 (Heavenly Match)

Awarded- Romantic Times (RT) Top Pick of the Month/2002 (Three Times a Lady)

Winner-   2000 Romance in Color Award/Best New Author (Admission of Love)

Winner-   2000 Shades of Romance Award/Best AFAM Romance (Admission of Love)

Reviews for Madam, May I

“Desi’s thought-provoking backstory and transformation keep the reader engaged and sympathetic. The heroine is the hook, and she rocks it.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Bryant delivers a faceted, sympathetic heroine in Desdemona, and readers will also enjoy seeing Loren and Desdemona’s assistant, Denzin, grow. There’s plenty of heat in this absorbing romance, along with memorable details about the dangers faced by women without a safety net.”–Booklist

“Passionate and compelling, Bryant’s latest (after A Billionaire Affair) skillfully weaves drama, tragedy, and sex into one fast-paced narrative. Audiences will connect with Desdemona and her quest for fulfillment as well as her dedication to protecting those in her charge. An engaging, sexy tale of one woman’s path to accomplishment.”—Library Journal

“Niobia Bryant has written a compelling story. The characters are vibrant. The plot is engaging. Madam, May I is simply a great book.” – NetGalley Reviewer (5 of 5 stars)

Reviews for “The Mistress Series”

With Niobia Bryant’s latest novel, Message from a Mistress, she finds a way to tell a story I’ve never heard, instantly captivating the reader to want more.”—Parle Magazine

With just enough suspense, drama, and good pacing, it [Message from a Mistress] was both enjoyable and entertaining.”—OOSA Online Bookclub

Message from a Mistress is a riveting “who done it” mystery that leaves you examining themes of love, security, trust, honesty, security, sexual addiction, and punishment.”—Romance in Color

Bryant’s loyal audience will love the generous doses of passionate sex, glamour, and revenge. — Publisher’s Weekly

This [Mistress No More] is definitely another fantastic, titillating novel by Bryant.”–RT Book Reviews

Bryant brought the drama and emotion with this sequel…very entertaining and a quick read…” – OOSA Online Book Club on Mistress No More

Sometimes the scenes were gut twisting funny, to heart wrenching intense which made this book a page turner from the very first line…” –African American on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) on Mistress No More

The writing is so good, the dialogue believable, and description so thorough. I love how Niobia takes these characters through hell and back, while entertaining us from beginning to the very end. Great job.” –Cydney Rax, author of Brothers & Wives on Mistress No More

From the beginning to the end, Bryant delivers a story full of scandal, lies, secrets, sex, and redemption.” – APOOO Book Club on Mistress, INC.

Fans of Bryant won’t be disappointed in the jaw-dropping drama, cunnings twists, and side-eye hilarity that are Bryant’s pen’s signature.” –SistahFriend Book Club on Mistress, INC.

In her first male-focused protagonist novel, Bryant succeeds in delivering a salacious story that excites as well as educates about the depths of addiction (substance and otherwise), the trauma of sexual abuse and how unchecked anxieties can overtake one’s past, present and future.” – on The Pleasure Trap

The Pleasure Trap is another testament to Bryant’s awesome imagination… we are swept off our feet during the climactic reveal.” –RT Book Reviews, 2014 Multicultural Fiction Nominee, 4.5 Stars