Teen Fiction by Simone Bryant



The Pace Academy Series:

The students at the exclusive private school, Pace Academy in Saddle River, NJ, have everything any teen could ever want or desire at their fingertips—designer clothes, high tech gadgets, chauffeur driven luxury cars, their parent’s platinum credit cards, wealth, and fame. To hell with silver, the spoons in their mouths are platinum and encrusted with diamonds. Even with the best things in life money can buy, there’s still drama to be faced by all teens—be they rich or be they poor: rival cliques, gossip & rumors, jealousy, first loves, and first heartbreaks.

At Pace Academy three friends called the Pacesetters (Starr Lester, Dionne Hunt, and Marisol Rivera) are determined to run things and make sure no one steals their shine.

Meet The Pacesetters:

STARR: Her father owns his own record label and clothing line while her mother, an ex-R&B diva,  has a full time job making sure EVERYTHING about the life of her husband and three children are fabulous. Starr doesn’t feel close to her family because they hardly spend any real time together. In fact she feels more of a bond with their maid. She can be catty at times but usually she strikes out to defend herself from feeling hurt.

DIONNE: The daughter of a new recording artist, she’s an only child of unmarried parents. She lives with her mother but she enjoys the advantages of her father’s wealth—or at least the appearances of his wealth. He does not have the money of the other parents at the academy. He is strapped for cash and spending more than he is making. Her mother and father usually have knock down arguments about money but all three keep the secret of his financial troubles. Dionne’s new to the academy. Being very new from her life in the hood, Dionne is definitely the tough one of the group.
MARISOL: Her father is a famous NY baseball player with a reputation as a ladies’ man—only problem is he’s supposed to be happily married to her mom. Groupies have made her family life hell and she holds the weight on her own shoulders to save her parent’s marriage. Definitely the nicest of the girls, she almost purposefully disdains the trappings of wealth because she blames it for her father’s philandering.

The Books:



Fame. Fortune. Friendship. Two out of three ain’t bad…

At prestigious Pace Academy, the Pacesetters make the rules. But in the world outside, being rich and popular doesn’t always get you what you want…

Starr has ambition, charisma, and—thanks to her father’s record company—all the connections to get her group major exposure. Just one problem: Starr can’t sing, and now her friends are looking to replace her with her arch-rival, Natalie…

Dionne is excited about being the rapper of the group—even if her parents don’t approve. But it’s hard to focus on her rhymes when she’d rather be spitting game than writing sixteen bars.

Marisol loves the stage, though it’s dancing, not singing, that’s in her blood. She’d do anything for her friends—except give up her own shot at stardom…

With ego trippin’ and infighting tearing their friendship apart, Starr, Dionne, and Marisol are finding that the big-time comes with even bigger problems…

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There’s no such thing as being too rich, too popular or too fabulous…

Pace Academy is an exclusive private school catering to the rich, pampered and beautiful. And Starr, Dionne and Marisol are its ruling elite, with an endless supply of designer clothes, platinum credit cards—and drama…

Starr is planning a spectacular Fierce and Fabulous Fashionista Fifteen party…but it may be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

Dionne stepped out of the hood and into Pace’s inner circle, even though her parents are struggling to pay for their lavish new lifestyle.

Marisol is the daughter of a baseball star whose wealth and fame might just tear her family apart.

Now all three girls are about to learn that the price of being fabulous can sometimes be too high, even for the Pacesetters…