2022 Releases

scandalosa verita

Scandalosa Verità | Reissue: Foreign Language – Italian

Date: February 2022

Original Title: One Night With Cinderella 

Genre: Romance

Series: Cress Brothers #1 

La loro fiaba durerà dopo la mezzanotte? Dalla preferita dai lettori, Niobia Bryant…

È un uomo abituato a ottenere ciò che vuole. Poi la incontra…

Gabriel Cress è l’erede dell’impero di ristoranti della sua famiglia e ci si aspetta che si comporti come tale. Non sedurre la governante. Ma sotto l’aspetto timido di Monica Darby c’è una sirena che fa bruciare di più lo stanco newyorkese. Ma quando la famiglia intrigante di Gabe e un’eredità a sorpresa sollevano dubbi che non può ignorare, l’orologio suonerà le dodici sulla loro relazione in erba?

Da Harlequin Desire: Lusso, scandalo, desiderio: benvenuto nella vita dell’élite americana.

ballingersWANT, NEED, LOVE | Reissue: eBook 

Date: April 2022

Genre: Romance

Series: The Ballinger Sisters #1 of 3 and Hot in Holtsville #9

Finding Mr. Right isn’t easy, but in this sexy new novel from bestselling author Niobia Bryant, one woman knows exactly how to do it–for everyone but herself…

Mona Ballinger has a talent for bringing the right people together–and keeping the wrong people apart. But when Anson Tyler’s fiancée ends their engagement thanks to Mona’s advice, he angrily confronts her. Unfortunately, Mona has not only caused him a broken heart–she ends up giving him a broken leg as well…

Guilt-ridden over Anson’s injury, Mona decides to help him recover–whether he likes it or not. Soon, comfort turns to chemistry and it seems like Mona may have found a love of her own–until Anson’s handsome brother, Hunter, shows up. His hot pursuit of Mona leaves her conflicted and she flees to her South Carolina hometown for some family wisdom. But the choice she makes only fuels the brothers’ rivalry. Will Mona end up alone once more? . . .

Want, Need, Love

Want, Need, Love was originally published in paperback in 2014. Currently, the paperback is no longer in print.


TRH French

Dangereux Désir | Reissue: Foreign Language – French

Date: May 2022

Original Title: The Rebel Heir

Genre: Romance

Series: Cress Brothers #2

Connu pour être le rebelle de sa riche et célèbre famille, Cole n’a qu’une seule règle : ne jamais tomber amoureux. Mais le désir qui brûle entre lui et Jillian, la cheffe personnelle des Cress, est réel, irrésistible – et dangereux. En effet, Jillian vient d’un monde différent du sien, et les Cress seraient prêts à tout pour mettre fin à leur idylle… quitte à les détruire tous les deux.

The Rebel Heir (Foreign)Un Erede Ribelle | Reissue: Foreign Language – Italian

Date: June 18, 2022

Original Title: The Rebel Heir

Genre: Romance 

Series: Cress Brothers #2

La pecora nera della ricca dinastia Cress, l’executive chef Cole, ha una sola regola: non innamorarsi. È stato suo padre a impartirgli quella dura lezione, tanti anni prima. Tuttavia, l’attrazione che da subito lo lega alla sua deliziosa collega, Jillian Rossi, è irresistibile e, soprattutto, pericolosa. Perché Jillian viene da un mondo molto diverso da quello in cui lui è cresciuto, e la famiglia Cress farà tutto il necessario per interrompere il loro rapporto. Accettare quell’importante promozione significherebbe perdere Cole, ma Jillian non ha dubbi: la sicurezza economica viene prima di qualsiasi relazione. Tuttavia, quello che la lega all’erede dei Cress è molto più di una semplice avventura e forse è ormai troppo tardi…



Date: June 28, 2022

Genre: Romance

Series: Cress Brothers #3

A chef turned secret heir cooks up a fake—and deliciously tempting—relationship in bestselling author Niobia Bryant’s delectable Cress Brothers novel.

Will a fake relationship help a reluctant heir claim his birthright?

As the recently discovered secret heir to the Cress Dynasty, chef Lincoln Cress isn’t exactly fitting in with his new family. A girlfriend for hire would help, and private investigator Bobbie Barnett, who discovered his Cress connection, fits the bill. It’s a simple deal that has nothing to do with her wavy hair, full lips or how she incites his wickedest appetites. Now Lincoln’s risking everything—including the Cress family’s reputation—on a proposal that has nothing to do with business…and everything to do with pleasure.

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.blankspace

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Date: September 27, 2022

Genre: Romance

Series: Cress Brothers #4

A one-night stand with a celebrity playboy and this pregnant PR guru needs serious damage control! Watch fireworks fly in Niobia Bryant’s latest Cress Brothers novel!

What’s riskier to a good girl’s careerA fling with a bad boyor having his baby?

Career-driven PR whiz Montgomery Morgan is all about her professional public image. So why did she have a steamy hookup with celebrity chef Sean Cress? In an elevator, no less! Their secret is safe until Morgan learns she’s expecting. Now, damage control requires an engagement. Sean’s requirements are more “hot nights with Montgomery” and less “til death do us part.” But nothing can stop their undeniable passion—not even the start of something deeper…

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

HP MISTRESS 6HER PLEASURE | Reissue: Mass Market

Date: November 29, 2022

Genre: Drama

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

Series: Mistress #6 of 6

National bestselling author Niobia Bryant serves up a scorchingly sexy and scandalous novel about finding love, reigniting passion, keeping secrets—and way too many incendiary lies…

After surviving a shattering betrayal by a former friend, Jaime Pine has every reason to celebrate. Stronger and savvier after her “perfect” marriage crashed-and-burned, Jaime now has Luc, a billionaire music mogul willing to give her everything, including a dazzling career, and what looks like a forever happily-ever-after. Until a no-limits island vacation with her best friends turns up the last person Jaime ever expected to see again.

Unforgettable Graham Walker, aka “Pleasure,” is an ex-escort skilled at mind-blowing sex. But now, after coming to terms with his own troubled past, Graham is a changed man. And Jaime finds him more irresistible than ever. Yet after one last no-holds-barred night together and a connection that can’t be denied, Jaime decides to finally put Graham in the past and move on with her new life as planned. She accepts Luc’s proposal of marriage—and then discovers she’s pregnant.

Torn and confused, Jaime spins a desperate web of half-truths and lies-of-omission to protect both men—and herself—as she struggles to choose her path. But when her secrets explode in public, the choice is made for her. Can she deal with her mistakes honestly and do what’s best for everyone involved?

ballingers2MAKING LOVE  |  New Release

Date: Postponed

Genre: Romance

Series: The Ballinger Sisters #2 of 3 and Hot in Holtsville #14

In this next “sexy, funny, and oh so real” installment of the Ballinger Sisters trilogy, national bestselling author Niobia Bryant finally tells the story of just which Ballinger sister is the soulmate of sexy playboy Hunter Tyler…

Reeba Ballinger is a talented baker, dedicated business owner, and descendant of generations of Ballinger women who have the gift of premonition to see the soulmate of anyone they touch—a special gift she reveres. She has found the love of her life and is prepared to marry him…until she discovers that she has gotten it all wrong because her soulmate is none other than the arrogant, cardiothoracic surgeon-to-be, Hunter Tyler—who is admittedly handsome and intelligent—but just very aware of it in the most aggravating way!

Although Hunter has made it his business to outlandishly flirt with all three of the beautiful Ballinger women, it was always Reeba that truly made him feel excited whenever they were around each other–with his older brother now married to her older sister, that’s very often. He’s focused on building his career as a surgeon, but Hunter is intrigued by the very idea of Reeba being the “the one” for him. He approaches her about putting aside their differences and exploring the possibilities…together.

After dating and stumbling through many rough patches, a visit to the aunts of the Ballinger sisters enables Hunter and Reeba to see a vision of their future together—a future filled with love, children, and happiness. They decide to wed but the years that follow are anything but bliss, leaving both to wonder just when will they get to the good part.

CoverRevealGOING STRONG | New Release

Date: Postponed

Genre: Romance

Series: Strong Family #11 and Hot in Holtsville #15

More info coming soon…