The Industry (Through my Eyes)


BlackExpressions and its readers have been so good to me over the years in not just sales but helping to introduce my books to new readers. I always like to take a moment and thank those readers within my reach.  My books are consistently on the Bestseller list and I am so thankful for the support. Currently, my newest release, MISTRESS, INC., is #9 on the Top 100. 🙂

Real talk? Even when I was published and my books weren’t picked up by BlackExpressions (which isn’t a given by the way) I used to check the bestseller list and see some of my favorite authors. I wanted on that list. It was a personal goal of mine as a Black Expressions member and an author. So to see my books on that list is a damn good feeling. I reveal this tidbit to say to aspiring author and newbies and authors slowly but steadily climbing the ranks (like me) that whatever goals you have for yourself to believe in them, work hard for them and relish in crossing the finishing line when you achieve them.  I have MANY more goals yet to achieve, but its cool to put a check mark next to one on the list. You know?

All my best 2 u,