Hot and Strong (Strong Family Novella) Playlist


I really love this novella, and I can not wait to hear what you all think of it via whatever platform you used to buy it. I made a YouTube playlist of all the songs mentioned in HOT AND STRONG as an added treat. It might be fun to listen along as you read.

Soundtrack Playlist: https://bit.ly/3J2N7jv

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NOW AVAILABLE: Hot and Strong (Strong Family #10)

Hot & Strong FINAL

HOT AND STRONG: A Strong Family Novella | New Release | OUT NOW!

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Infinite Ink Presents…

Series: Strong Family #10 and Hot In Holtsville #13

The much-loved Strong Family series by National Bestselling Author Niobia Bryant continues as the family revisits a romance from the past that is a cornerstone for their lasting legacy of love and ranching…

Logan Strong is new to the small rural town of Holtsville, South Carolina, and brings with him a Texas background of cattle ranching and horse wrangling. He’s one sexy Black cowboy, something Ivy Child fights hard to ignore even as she aims her Colt .38 revolver at him when he offers her a ride home. Neither Logan nor Ivy are looking for love. He’s a loner cowboy who enjoys his nomadic lifestyle, and she’s experienced so much heartbreaking loss that she doesn’t believe happiness is possible for her.

Danger and the brutality of racism come to Holtsville as a wealthy outsider hopes to scare away the Black townsfolk and claim their land for his future development plans. After having to rescue Ivy numerous times from near calamities, Logan offers her a marriage in name only to provide her with his protection.  Secretly she’s thankful to have more to rely on than her pistol and the solitude of her own company, so she accepts. Soon close quarters and an attraction neither can continue to deny leads to passion and romance that is hot and strong. With more than ever to fight to defend, Logan and Ivy join forces with the rest of the town to ensure no one or nothing will destroy Holtsville or their chance at love and happiness.

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As an added treat, I made a playlist of all the songs mentioned in HOT AND STRONG. It might be fun to listen along as you read. -N.


Now Available: STREET QUEEN (written as Meesha Mink)



Publisher: Infinite Ink Presents…

Series: Queen #3

In this long-awaited action-packed entry to the acclaimed Queen series, Naeema “Queen” Cole—a crime-solving modern-day Foxy Brown— is once again on the hunt for a killer on the streets of Newark…


Naeema has avenged the brutal murder of the son she never knew and taken out the culprit behind the attempted assassination of her on-again-off-again husband Tank. She hoped deadly vengeance was no longer a part of her life and normalcy would reign. She was wrong. Her wild and crazy next-door neighbor/friend, Coko “Hunga” Brown, has been found dead from an apparent heroin overdose, but Naeema knows she was fresh out of rehab and appeared sober the last time she saw her. Suspecting foul play, she is going undercover once more as “Queen” and using Coko’s social media accounts to retrace the last days leading up to death she’s sure is murder in disguise.

Delivering yet another “sassy, sexy, streetwise story” (New York Post), bestselling Meesha Mink’s Naeema “Queen” Cole is playing it all by ear, with nothing but grit, gut instincts, and a plan to make her friend’s killer wish they were already dead.

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Now available exclusively via Amazon Kindle.
Coming to all other platforms on 2/15/2022.