Pet Peeves

I know people will think I’m petty or think I don’t see the bright side of my pet peeve, BUT its my opinion and it really bugs me when…

Stores, merchants, etc. request ID for me to use my own dang on debit card–particularly when my debit cards are my own dang on money plus Visa and/or Mastercard have measures in place to protect the merchant against theft or fraud.  It is a violation of my privacy and a violation of Visa/MC policy on not requesting ID.  In fact I heard you can report merchants who do request ID–not sure if this is true. 

Yes, I get those folks who think its for my own protection but let’s look at the flip side. Most merchants (particularly larger stores or retail chains) don’t request ID.  What if I catch a ride with someone and don’t bring my ID.  I load three hundred bucks worth of goods on the counter and now I have someone telling me I have no right to use my own card.  Uhm, check the signature on the back and keep it moving. 

Also, sometimes I don’t have time to dig out a driver’s license–and expose my private adress, DL#, etc.–because merchants are nervous about something they will get paid for regardless.  I thought the convenience of the debit card was to avoid the ID drama of writing a check????

Also, how do we know its not just some irate clerk selectively picking and choosing who has to show ID.  (kinda the same way they selectively decide who to follow around stores–and y’all know what I’m talking about)

Okay some high school kid working at Sally’s–who also stood in my face for several minutes on the phone with a friend while I stood at the counter waiting to be rung up– worked a nerve yesterday and I had to vent. Needless to say I left my hair care products on the counter and bounced.  And I needed that wrap lotion too. LOL.

On another day I will go off about stores that require you to check your bags at the door before you can shop in thier stores. or stores that have require you spend a minimum amount of money to use your debit cards.  WTF? Needless to say I don’t frequent these places.  I will turn on my heel quicker than a streetwalker seeing the police rolling up on her. 4 Real.

Relaxing, Relating, Releasing…