Classic Romance III

Cover ImageThe Hand I Fan With is one of my all time favorite books and when you get to the heart of this story it is a big old romance book–well, a big old paranormal romance book that is so…damn…good. I LOVE this book.  Sure, it’s considered commercial or mainstream fiction-but for me the very heart of this story was Lena’s love for Herman (get it Her-man). Of course, Ms. Ansa is a prolific writer that elevates what could have been a simple story to a whole ‘nother level. Love this book. LOVE it.


Bestselling author Tina McElroy Ansa is back with another tale from Mulberry, Georgia, the richly drawn fictional town and home of the extraordinary Lena McPherson.  Lena, now forty-five and tired of being “the hand everyone fans with,” has grown weary of shouldering the town’s problems and wants to find a little love and companionship for herself.  So she and a friend perform a supernatural ritual to conjure up a man for Lena.  She gets one all right: a ghost named Herman who, though dead for one hundred years, is full of life and all man.  His love changes Lena’s life forever, satisfying as never before both her physical and spiritual needs.  Filled with the same “humor, grace, and great respect for power of the particular” (The New York Times Book Review) as her previous critically acclaimed novels, Baby of the Family and Ugly Ways, The Hand I Fan With  is yet another memorable and life-affirming tale from one of America’s best-loved authors.