The Industry (Through my Eyes)

Real Love (Part 2)


9/08 Disclaimer:  This post originally was about African-American hero and heroines in romance books.  Please see Real Love 1.  It’s my take–again–on the industry and the bias against poor and working class folks falling in love in these books.  My intention: to stress that you shouldn’t believe the hype.  Don’t let them make you believe all this love ain’t for you–if you fit in the class of people they are trying to avoid. That’s all.  That’s it.  But of course some people just didn’t get it and took precious moments out of their lives to let me know about it.  lol.

I never wanted my blog to be about controversy. My main goal is to promote my books and not create drama for those who enjoy it. So…deuces, it’s gone. My romance publisher allows me the freedom to write what I want so I’ll just be thankful for that and do that…write the romances I want. 

Blessings 2 U All-even the ones who gave me a headache. LOL.