The Industry (Through my Eyes)

My Advice on Writing (Updated)

People frequently ask me for advice on this crazy writing biz and I WISH I had all the answers.  Every role or position or experience is different–just like any other aspect of life.  One thing I can promise you is that you need patience.  A lot of writers offer more detailed info but here’s some general advice from me.  Hope it helps some:

  1. the first task is learning these terms and how to complete them.  You need to have these prepared in order to submit to a publisher or agent: query letter, proposal, synopsis, genre, solicited and unsolicited materials
  2. learn more about the publishing industry (there are so many great sites that really can help guide a new author to know more.  This is ultimately a business and a writer should treat it as such (seriously)
  3. be prepared that you may have to actually finish the entire manuscript before an offer is made
  4. decide what genre you want to write in.  Romance is generally easier to get into because publishers will accept “unsolicited materials” or unagented works.
  5. contact various publishers via a letter with a SASE or visit their website to find out their submission guidelines.
  6. write simply for the love of it
  7. be prepared to keep your day job
  8. write what you love to read and remember characteristics or style used by that author and try to emulate it to a degree.
  9. stay determined–just like with anything new you take on in life
  10. don’t let rejection knock you down but also be open to any legitimate or worthwhille criticism–don’t just say they trying to hold you down and squash your dreams.  You may be getting some real advice or some truth about whether your skill in writing lives up to your love.  Remember those folks on American Idol who really think they can sing because someone didn’t have the guts to say: this is not for you.  real talk.

Here are some great writers who put way more into giving out advice than me. LOL.  Check them out:

Lynn Emery’s Get the Facts

Karen E. Quinones Miller’s Help Getting Published.  Karen also has great writing advice via her myspace blog and her new Writing Boot Camp offering onsite workshops, online workshops, and manuscript critiques.