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* Coming real soon is my Meesha Mink blogsite.  It is full of my contributions to the Hoodwives series, post on celebrity gossip, odd news, urban fiction and urban fashion spotlights, and anything hood. I’ve actually been posting since August but I haven’t made the site public yet…but I will very, very soon.

* Don’t forget that THE HOOD LIFE drops this January.  Check out THE HOOD LIFE  page on the HOODWIVES website for more info on this finale to the critically acclaimed series.

* If you are a member of the Black Expressions BookClub please vote in thier Best Books of 2008 contest.  We’re proud to announce that SHAMELESS HOODWIVES  is one of the nominees.

* Check out the STREETS ARE TALKIN’ page  on the HOODWIVES website for some reviews on THE HOOD LIFE.

* Check out THE BOOK TOUR  page on the HOODWIVES website for some just posted book-signings coming up in January and February.



* My debut in the popular young adult  fiction arena (Pace Academy: FABULOUS) has an official release date: April 2010. I know it seems like forever but I’m actually excited that the publishers are not rushing this book…and maybe will even use this time to put together some kick ass marketing (my fingers and toes are crossed for that one). Stay tuned for the launch of the website, blog and myspace page of THE clique at Pace Academy:  THE Pacesetters.