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REVIEW: Library Journal’s “Top Pick of the Month”

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The wild streets of Newark are the backdrop for Meesha Mink’s urban tale that quivers with the tension of a hard-boiled mystery. It’s my pick of the month.


OrangeReviewStar 	 When Dreams Turn Into Obsessions | African American Fiction (and More!)Mink, Meesha. Kiss the Ring: An Urban Tale. Touchstone. Aug. 2014. 271p. ISBN 9781476755304. pap. $14.99; ebk. ISBN 9781476755342. F  kissthering 196x300 	 When Dreams Turn Into Obsessions | African American Fiction (and More!)
Naeema Cole knows her way around Newark’s rough streets but is vexed about who brutally executed her son Brandon. Naeema was 16 and unable to face motherhood when Brandon was born, so she gave him up for adoption 14 years ago. She now realizes one of the fellas in the Make Money Crew murdered her son, and this street chick is all about an eye for an eye. She hooks up with the crew, earning their trust by carrying a gun in a bank heist, but she ultimately wants inside info on who ordered her son’s hit. The one good thing in her life is estranged husband Tank always has her back. What Naeema doesn’t count on is falling for sexy Bas, the leader of Make Money Crew.  Careful girl, don’t let those lust blinders keep you from seeing the truth!

VERDICT Mink (Real Wifeys: On the Grind; Shameless Hoodwives) writes with street flair while sliding in a few erotic sex scenes, yet her tale is one of hard-boiled noir. Naeema plays the noble soul seeking the truth, determined to right all wrongs, and she’s willing to off anyone who blocks her path. Sex, bloody violence, betrayal, and a crackling mystery come together in a resounding crescendo of a finish. Take a bow, Meesha Mink, this one’s a winner.

LOVE it! Yesssss….

To read the full article, please visit the Library Journal’s website.

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REVIEW: Kiss the Ring (Publishers Weekly)

From Publishers Weekly:

“This crisply written urban thriller from Mink (Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard) introduces a street-savvy protagonist, Naeema Cole, who is both a villain and a heroine. After a wild teenage life, she matures into a vivacious barber and a homeowner. When Naeema learns that her 14-year-old son whom she gave up at birth has been brutally murdered, she reinvents herself as “Queen” in order to infiltrate the vicious gang she holds responsible for his death. Her dual identities and the desperate attempts keep them separate cleverly showcase Naeema’s multifaceted character, so readers both understand and empathize with her plight. Each gang member inadvertently reveals another piece to an increasingly convoluted puzzle, and Naeema’s twisted relationship with the ruthless gang leader becomes a treacherous battle of wits and a deadly race against time. Fast-paced action, sizzling erotic sex, and a heartwarming kick-ass heroine will have newcomers and urban fiction fans alike eagerly awaiting Naeema’s next escapade.”


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REVIEW: Romantic Times on STRONG HEAT

Strong HeatGenre: Contemporary Romance, Multicultural

Sensuality: HOT

Disproving the idea that only sex scenes can make a story hot, this Strong family novel takes readers back to where it all began as Kael, Sr. and Alisha relay how they met and fell in love. Scenes switch from the past to the present, and fans are not only brought into the developing love between Kael and Alisha, but are also kept up to date on the siblings who comprise the current generation of Strongs. This is a wonderful example of what a family should be.

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USA Today Review of STRONG HEAT

Strong HeatHere’s the review of Strong Heat by Michelle Monkou in USA Today:

Not really a spoiler, but let me put it out there … Strong Heat by Niobia Bryant is the last book in the Strong Family series (for now) that began in 2006. Bryant took her position, wound up that bat, and hit a home run. Not only did it have the historical flair since this was the romance of the patriarch, but it came with all the sensibilities of the era. Nice touch.

In a brilliant touch, Bryant used interludes within the story to touch on the romances of the various Strong family members. If you haven’t read those stories, you will enjoy the teasers. If you have read the series, they serve as great motivation to reread and reminisce.

Read the full article and more romance reviews in USA Today’s “Happily Ever After” section here.

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REISSUE (Large Print): Never Keeping Secrets

29nks3For seniors, the visually impaired or readers who just enjoy a book that is a bit easier on the eyes, the large print edition of Never Keeping Secrets will be available next month.  You can purchase it directly from Thorndike Press or via online retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)

I hope the availability of the book in large print is a treat for some of the readers.  Thanks in advance for your orders.