News & Updates (corrected)

I am in the middle of yet another deadline so please excuse my sporadic updates.


FEVER (book 3 of the Strong Family series) has a new title and a release date!  GIVE ME FEVER will drop January 2010,  Yes, the next Stong man is up to the bat for his own sizzling romance.  Kaeden and Jade are on the way.  But first don’t forget to get your copy of MAKE YOU MINE this upcoming May.  It is now available for preorder via many online book retailers like amazon.com .


My third mainstream release, tentatively entitled MESSAGE FROM A MISTRESS, will drop March 2010.  This storyline is loosely based on the 1940’s movie A Letter to Three Wives.  Four friends. Three are married. One is single. The three Mrs. get a text message taunting them that thier single friend, Jessa Bell,  has run off with one of thier husbands.  Question is: Which one?  Secrets, lies, and alibis fly as that one message kicks off more drama than any of them ever imagined.