What I’m working on…

Hi Everybody,

Just a quick update for those interested in what ya girl is up to these days.   I am done with MAKE YOU MINE and ready to move on to the next project. My updated playlist is my lifesaver while I tackle GIVE ME FEVER. And my editor–bless her heart because I truly think she is so cool–was not feeling my original storyline for the book.  LOL. One day I’ll let you all know what my original idea was…but we’ve worked it out and I am back on the grind on my laptop.  I am also finishing up my first YA and yes, I am crazy to go from sexy love scenes to the innoncence of fourteen year olds whose biggest worry is where to shop. LOL.  As always, I have no problem asking ya’ll to PRAY FOR A SISTAH. LOL.

To get through these deadlines I have to remember my motto:

“I am a writer, born and bred. I can’t even fathom what else I would do besides creating stories and telling tales. I write because I HAVE to. It’s in my blood and it feeds my soul. When it comes to my writing I dabble in many genres, my ideas are umlimited, and the ink in my pen is infinite.”