Hi all,

I know I haven’t blogged in a long while. I’ve been in deadline hell and it feels good to be free. lol.  Here are some news and updates on upcoming projects, plus I will be back blogging on this site and www.meeshamink.com next week.


My Teen Fiction debut: FABULOUS written as Simone Bryant drops in February as planned.  Check out my YA page for more info on the upcoming series about a private school for rich and famous celeb-kids.  If your teens/tweens are on Facebook or Twitter and loved to read send them to www.twitter.com/beApacesetter or Simone Bryant – Teen Fiction author on Facebook.  Cover coming soon. 


Here’s the cover from my upcoming book, MESSAGE FROM A MISTRESS, dropping MARCH 2010.  Check out my Mainstream Fiction page for more info on the drama filled book.










And GIVE ME FEVER (book 3 of the Strong romance series) drops May 2010.  Kaeden and Jade’s romance is sure to sizzle as the very epitome of opposite attracting is personified.  I LOVED writing this book.

More info on my Meesha Mink debut to come as we near the release date.

Don’t forget I will be attending the Romance Slam Jam cruise in April and you can find me on Twitter and Facebook.