Live and Learn

LIVE AND LEARN                                                                            February 27,  2007 (Trade)                                                      February 1, 2010 (Mass Market)

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina                                               Trade: ISBN-10:075821720X                                                     Mass Market: ISBN-10: 0758217218

Set in her hometown of Newark, NJ, this popular bestselling author brings you a sexy and drama-filled story of four friends with choices to be made, sins to be forgiven, and lessons to learn.

It’s 24/7 money to burn, it’s fancy houses, designer clothes, and luxury cars. It’s leaving no-pay jobs and crumbling projects to have everything mad cash flow. And best friends, Alize, Dom, Moet, and Cristal will do anything to get the glamorous life–and put the past in the rear-view mirrors of their brand new whips. A savvy and smart business major, Alize had her childhood shattered by the divorce of her parents and is determined to never fall in love and risk being hurt. Dom learned early to use her sizzling-hot body to make much bank–and find an escape from her too dark looks and drug-addicted mother. Disillusioned by the faith and strict parents she grew up with, Moet figures hooking up with powerful men is now the real way to heaven. And streetwise Cristal has a master plan to get the security she never knew as a foster child.

To make these dreams come true, these sistahs will go after the East Coast’s biggest movers-and-shakers–superstar rappers, mega-successful moguls, and powerful thugs-for-life. But between the wild times and wilder men, one of them is going to gamble one time too many, one will play a player too far, one will take a dangerous chance, and one will face a hard real-deal choice. To survive, they’ll have to depend on each other and remember who they truly are to learn that the good life doesn’t cost a thing…


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