News and Updates

Hi All,

I can hardly believe there’s just four months left in 2o13 and I still have a bunch of stuff being released–mostly reissues.

Every time I think about my career and the direction in which the readers are pushing me I am humbled and forever blessed. I love y’all for loving my books. 4Real.


So, to start the updates here’s the cover for the May 2014 reissue of Hot Like Fire (PLEASE NOTE: For those who already own the paperback or kindle edition of this book there are no changes from the original manuscript. The book was out of print and unavailable in paperback and my publisher is making it available for those who missed out the first time around.)

Okay, here’s the remainder of my 2013 releases:

9/2013 – Mistress No More (Mass Market edition) – The 2nd book of the Mistress series in smaller and cheaper version!

9/2013 – Never Keeping Secrets (Audiobook version) – The mainstream drama in audio!

12/2013 – Strong Heat by Niobia Bryant – The 6th edition of the Strong Family series

12/2013 – Never Keeping Secrets (Thorndike Large Print edition)

12/2013 – Strong Heat (Audiobook edition)

Ain’t God good, y’all? As always, my many thanks for your support.