2014 Releases…so far ;-)

KISSTHERING  thePtrap  wnl2

Reissue: Romance: Audiobook: STRONG HEAT 3/28/2014
Reissue: Romance: HOT LIKE FIRE 5/2/2014

New: Urban Fiction: KISS THE RING 8/5/2014   

Reissue: Romance: Special Wal-Mart edition: THE HOT SPOT 9/2/2014
Reissue: Mainstream: Mass Market Paperback: MISTRESS, INC. 10/7/2014

New: Mainstream: THE PLEASURE TRAP 10/28/2014

Reissue: Urban Fiction: Audiobook: KISS THE RING 11/1/2014                                           Reissue: Mainstream: Audiobook: THE PLEASURE TRAP 12/1/2014

New: Romance: WANT, NEED, LOVE 12/2/2014