PRESS: Dallas Morning News


Check out my recent interview in the Dallas Morning News. Here’s a brief snippet:

After 15 years, dozens of novels and numerous awards, author Niobia Bryant is  trying something new. She’s launching an urban fiction series under her pseudonym, Meesha Mink.Kiss The Ring, which hits store shelves on Tuesday (Aug 5), may appear similar to the other popular titles she’s written for the genre, but according to Bryant, Naeema “Queen” Cole faces dilemmas that anyone can relate to, even those dwelling outside of “the hood.”

Kiss The Ring cover“What I love about her is that she’s not perfect,” she stated during a recent phone interview from her South Carolina home. “Queen is strong, but still growing to better herself, so while she’s out there being a vigilante and trying to save a little piece of the world, there’s a part of her that also needs saving.

Cole adopts the “Queen” identity in order to infiltrate the vicious gang she holds responsible for the death of her teenage son.

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