New Reissue: Never Keeping Secrets in mass market

nks nb mmNEVER KEEPING SECRETS                                       

Mass-market Release: TODAY!!!!                                            Trade Release Date: May 28, 2013

Publisher: Kensington/Dafina                                          ISBN-13: 9780758265319                                                    Series: Friends & Sins (#3)

Library Journal’s Top Pick of the Month/May 2013

From national bestselling author Niobia Bryant comes a sexy and  thrilling new novel featuring the ladies you loved from Live and Learn and Show and Tell Alizé, Moët, Dom, and Cristal. Now they’ve put their nicknames, and everything else about Newark, NJ, behind them—but someone doesn’t want them to forget…

Monica, a CEO with celebrity clients, loves her life. But when her man loses his high-powered corporate job and pressures her to start a family, Monica finds herself involved with a client who wants to mix business with pleasure—or else…

Successful author Keesha is blowing through her money—and cheating on her fiancé. When her new friend, Jeremiah, discovers her deception, Keesha stands to lose everything…

Danielle has fame and fortune as a TV co-host. Her relationships are strictly for pleasure—until she reconnects with the only man she ever loved. But Danielle wasn’t looking for love…or for the secrets from her past being used to torment her…

A full-time mom and preacher’s wife, Latoya is feeling the strain of living under the eye of the church. Her only relief comes from the pills no one knows she’s popping. At least she thinks no one knows…

After five years apart, the women don’t expect to meet again—until they begin receiving mysterious taunts about their personal secrets. Soon, all roads lead back to their friendship—but one of them won’t make it through alive.


“Four alternating stories make for juicy drama in Bryant’s (Mistress, Inc.) latest tale of wickedness. Tension mounts during the climactic last 20 pages as readers are slammed with tantalizing cliffhangers. The author’s skillful mix of hot sex, betrayal, heartbreak, and realistic characters is sure to please both soap opera and street lit fans. This one’s a winner.”  —Library Journal, Pick of the Month

“Each of Bryant’s heroines loses her tenuous grip on fame and slips into rage and death—a bitter commentary on the group’s single-minded climb from slum to success. But Bryant also gives these sexy, fearless women a razor-sharp edge that reveals admirable grit and honesty.  — Publishers Weekly 

“Bryant’s latest is an intriguing story with plenty of twists and turns for each of the four main characters. This story is never predictable and it’s riveting until the last page. Though there’s strong language, it doesn’t detract from the story, which unfolds bit by bit as we get to know the characters.”– RT Book Reviews, 4 stars


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