RELEASE DAY: Madam, May I…


Publisher: Kensington/Dafina

She’s the ultimate madam with a heart of gold. But can she fulfill her own dreams—and stay at the top?
In the business of high-end, no-limits desire, Desdemona Dean is the best there is. This
gorgeous madam can provide any sensual fantasy, ignite any insatiable hunger. She fiercely protects the women who work for her and helps them attain the lives they deserve—especially when it comes to her beautiful, troubled new protégé, Portia. But for Desi, having it all is no longer enough. She wants everything her shattered childhood denied her. And as she pursues an education and a normal life, she’s falling hard for her handsome tutor—and can’t resist schooling him in ways that are turning into more than just passion . . .

But as Portia spirals out of control, she’s exposing any number of dangerous secrets.  And as Desi desperately tries to save her and manage the damage, she’s putting everything she’s worked to build at risk. Now with her empire in peril, Desi must discover if she can survive . . . and truly be free.

“Desi’s thought-provoking backstory and transformation keep the reader engaged and sympathetic. The heroine is the hook, and she rocks it.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Bryant delivers a faceted, sympathetic heroine in Desdemona, and readers will also enjoy seeing Loren and Desdemona’s assistant, Denzin, grow. There’s plenty of heat in this absorbing romance, along with memorable details about the dangers faced by women without a safety net.”–Booklist

“Passionate and compelling, Bryant’s latest (after A Billionaire Affair) skillfully weaves drama, tragedy, and sex into one fast-paced narrative. Audiences will connect with Desdemona and her quest for fulfillment as well as her dedication to protecting those in her charge. An engaging, sexy tale of one woman’s path to accomplishment.”—Library Journal

“Niobia Bryant has written a compelling story. The characters are vibrant. The plot is engaging. Madam, May I is simply a great book.” – NetGalley Reviewer (5 of 5 stars)

“The most complex, emotional, and heart breaking book she has written yet…” -NetGalley Reviewer (5 of 5 stars)


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