A Decade of Drama!


This year marks ten years since the release of Message from a Mistress. After watching the 1940s movie “A Letter to Three Wives” for the dozenth time, the idea was born. I wanted to put my own spin on the general idea. Tackling friendship, loyalty, sins, passions, revenge, and morality? And make it fun? Why not?

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It went on to become a bestseller and kicked off a popular series that is now five books strong. (Book 6, HER PLEASURE, drops in 2021!)

Just wanted to take a moment to be thankful. Ten years and still going strong.

In hindsight, I should have revealed the guilty husband in the book. People became so invested in the story and hated waiting to find out which husband cheated on their wife with their friend Jessa Bell. For me, leaving the cliffhanger was my way of saying that the mistress’s message that day opened up cracks in each of the three marriages that each wife explored. Each made a decision about their marriage before the guilty husband could even be revealed. Thus, I thought it didn’t matter which man was guilty. The catalyst was the message, not the man. I hoped people would see things my way…

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I was wrong. Okay? I said it. Lol. I don’t think it always got the reviews it deserved because some viewed it with anger over the ending and not the entire story. And that was okay. Your dime and your time so you have a right to feel how you want to feel. I’ve always said that. I get it. But it was ten years ago and even though people are new to the series…it started TEN YEARS AGO. 🙂 The guilty party was revealed nine years ago in the second book. And he is…

Eric. Eric cheated on Jamie with Jessa Bell. Eric was the guilty husband. It was Eric. ERIC. ERIC. ERIC! 🙂

And in book 2, Mistress No More, that relationship with Eric led to more trouble than it was worth for Jessa Bell. Nothing like a tight grip on your throat to make you rethink some shit! Anyway, for more on that book and the rest in the Mistress Series, click the link.

Let me end by saying thank you to each person that purchased the book, made it a book club selection, spread the word, borrowed it from the library, reviewed it, shared it with a friend, posted about it online, or even those who were angry about the ending. All of it helped pushed this baby to be more than I ever dreamed. We did that together.

I am grateful. Please believe that.

So, happy anniversary to US.