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A person reaches 50 years old, a significant milestone in life since it represents half a century of existence and a period when most people experience stability in their families and finances. We've included a few sample sentences to wish someone a happy 50th birthday because you should be very careful about the congratulations you send them if they are set to turn 50.

Marguerite de Navarre was one of the most famous women of the 16th century by virtue of her lineage and progeny, but her talents and character went far beyond being the heir apparent and ancestor of powerful European dynasties. She was the daughter, sister, and wife of kings. Marguerite was a queen, novelist, scholar, diplomat, polyglot, patron of the arts, and humanist. Her accomplishments went beyond what was expected of a noblewoman in her day, and as a result, she foresaw the shift in the roles that women would play in the field of intellectual pursuits.