Now Available: Want, Need, Love (Ballinger Sisters #1)

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WANT, NEED, LOVE | Now Available

Genre: Romance

Series: The Ballinger Sisters #1 of 3

Finding Mr. Right isn’t easy, but in this sexy new novel from bestselling author Niobia Bryant, one woman knows exactly how to do it with just a touch of magic–for everyone but herself…

As a matchmaker, Mona Ballinger has a talent for bringing the right people together–and keeping the wrong people apart. At times, she uses a gift of premonition inherited from generations of Ballinger women to see the soul mate of anyone she touches. When Anson Tyler’s fiancée ends their engagement thanks to Mona’s advice, he angrily confronts her. Unfortunately, Mona has not only caused him a broken heart–she ends up giving him a broken leg as well…

Guilt-ridden over Anson’s injury, Mona decides to help him recover–whether he likes it or not. Their angst shifts to comfort and turns to chemistry. Both fight their attraction—until Anson’s handsome brother, Hunter, shows up and pursues the beautiful matchmaker. Anson has made many sacrifices for the younger brother he raised, but losing Mona to him is not one of them. As Mona and Anson give in to their passion, they must overcome his disbelief in her gift and his reluctance to accept the idea of “the one” in order to claim their destiny.

The Ballinger sisters have a magical touch with love in this “sex, funny & oh so real” romance trilogy…
Book 1: Want, Need, Love
Book 2: Making Love 
Book 3: Good Love

Want, Need, Love

Please note: Want, Need, Love was originally published in 2014. This is a reissue with a new cover. The paperback edition is not currently in print.

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