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One Hot Cover 2 (2)


Genre: Romance

Nylah “Love” Lovely swore she would never date another celebrity after a divorce that played out in the press and tabloids because of her ex-husband’s fame. But then she meets Maleek Trenton. He’s handsome, sexy, fun…and a famous athlete. Still, he excites her and treats her like no one ever during their whirlwind summer romance. Life with Maleek is so good until the intrusion into their lives by paparazzi, groupies, and a woman claiming that Maleek is her man. Nylah struggles to believe the man she loves when this mystery woman knows way too much about him. But something about it all just isn’t right. Will Nylah believe in her love and choose what feels right or let it be destroyed before it even really begins… blankspace

22HEATWAVEPlease note: “One Hot Summer” was originally published in the anthology Heat Wave in 2011. The paperback edition is no longer in print and this is a reissue with a new cover.


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