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“It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you…” –Eric B. & Rakim

LOL. So I have been extra busy finishing up four (yes FOUR) releases for 2011.  Because I am an internet junkie, I make myself stay away from the internet when I am near a deadline. But I’m back and up for some air. Lots of news, lots of upcoming projects, lots to catch up on. Sooooo….let’s get it!


For those who don’t know my romance book MAKE YOU MINE won Romantic Times Magazines 2009 Best African-American Romance Award. Ow! Loves it, especially since I was up against four icons (Brenda Jackson, Rochelle Alers, Francis Ray, and Beverly Jenkins) and won.  I am woman enough to say that I hope to have the longevity and status of each of these women in our field.

The book also was nominated for Romance Slam Jam’s Emma Award for Steamiest Romance. Congrats to Kimberly Kaye Terry on the well deserved win.

To order your copy of this “Sexy, Funny & Oh So Real”, award-winning, bestselling book, please visit all of the online book retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Book A Million) or order it at one of your local bookstores.


The entire 3 book Hoodwives series, Make You Mine, Give Me Fever, Message from a Mistress, and the upcoming Mistress No More will all be available as audiobooks from various audiobooks retailers.  I am so excited about this. 7 audiobook deals came in this summer. This has been one helluva a ten-year anniversary for me.  Definitely feeling blessed.

As of August 15, the Message from a Mistress audiobook is available via Recorded Books for sale or rental:

Stay tuned for release dates and more info on the other audiobooks.


REAL WIFEYS: ON THE GRIND (Simon & Schuster/Touchstone) drops JANUARY 2011.  This is the first of my new series featuring three wifeys from three different hoods and is a loose play on the popular ”Real Housewives ” franchise. First up is the scandalous life of Kaeyla Dennis aka Goldie a hood-fabulous wifey from Newark who uses her sex appeal and street smarts to make it big.  This book is sure to please readers of the explosive Hoodwives series I co-authored.  Please visit my Urban Fiction | Meesha Mink page for the book description.  Be sure to PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW and be the first to have your order shipped on January 11!

FAMOUS (Harlequin/Kimani TRU) drops JANUARY 2011 also. This is book 2 in the popular teen series, Pace Academy, written as Simone Bryant.  Very excited about revisiting the Pacesetters clique and seeing just how these celebkids tackle the high price of fame.  There’s new crushes, new drama, and a new addition to the clique.  Great book for reluctant readers and for parents looking for age appropriate books for the tweens and teens. (No cursing and no premarital sex). This definitely is not my romance, mainstream or urban fiction books. lol.  For more info on FAMOUS, please visit my Teen Fiction | Simone Bryant page.

MISTRESS NO MORE (Kensington/Dafina) drops MARCH 2011. *Sighs* Okay, Message from a Mistress was my most controversial book to date. Either you hate it or you love it. Tried something different with the ending and Lawd people went left on me. lol. I’m a big girl, I’ve written over twenty books, I can take it. Still, I can’t change it now and in hindsight I’m not 100% sure I would. Depends on what day you ask me and what review I recently read. Anyhoo, Mistress No More is the follow-up and all questions will be answered. Stay tuned for more details on this one.

HEAT WAVE (Kensington/Dafina ) drops JULY 2011. This is a sexy, summer anthology with Donna Hill, Zuri Day and myself. More info to come but definitely pencil in this sexy beach read.

**** UPDATED >>>>BURN (Kensington/Dafina) drops  AUGUST 2011.  This is book #4 in the Strong series.  Zaria Ali and Kaleb Strong are up next in this game of finding love.  Can a sexy cougar who looks younger than her age tame a sexy playboy cowboy? Find out in August. I am currently working on this project and I am enjoying my trip back to Holtsville. I hope you all do too. 😉

NETWORKING SITES:Just a heads up that I am considering shutting down my Niobia Bryant News yahoo group.  With well over three hundred members over the last few years, I am reluctant to let it go but my interaction with readers via Twitter and Facebook are more instant. I don’t know. What do you think? Hit me up:

For those busy on the net I am on Facebook, Twitter, Shelfari, and yes, my yahoo group, Niobia Bryant News.

That’s it for now.  There’s a lot to digest–which means I have a lot to do. So let me go get busy.

Love y’all.


News, Reviews & Interviews

Another Award Nomination!

Make You Mine has been nominated for Best Steamy Romance in the 2010 Emma Award presented by Romance Slam Jam.

Since I will be cruising in April for the 2010 Romance Slam Jam it would be just fine with me to come home with my suitcase just a little heavier with an award. 😉

Thank you to everyone who nominated me. This is the second recognition for Make You Mine and I appreciate every drop of love.

For more on the 1st Award Nomination click here.

For more on the Romance Slam Jam cruise click here.


Oh Shyt!!(Update: I WON!!!!)

2009 Nominee for Best African-American Romance 

Romantic Times Magazine Awards!!!



“Oh shyt” is exactly what I said when I found out about the nomination. LOL.

This is the book my Mom pushed me to write.  Several editors wouldn’t mess with it because the heroine was unemployed, $200.00 from being broke, and about to be evicted from her apartment. Real ish that happens to good people all the time. (Love is not just for the wealthy. Hello.) But I digress…

I was steady pumping out books and my Mom would say “what happened to the one about the pregnant lady that moves into the man’s house while he’s away”.  My answers:

  • I’ll get to it, Ma.
  • This editor wants something less realistic.
  • That editor wants me to change the story. I wouldn’t, so it didn’t sell.
  • As soon as I finish this book or that I’ll get to it.

Well, I finally did submit it to Dafina.  They brought it, published it, its selling well, and it just was nominated for an award by a publication well-respected in the romance writing industry. (UPDATE: Since this original post, Make You Mine has also been nominated for another award and I just got a deal for it to be published as an audiobook with a well-known record company branching into audiobooks. POW!) (NEW UPDATE: I won!!!!)

I know my Mama is in heaven telling all the nay-sayers “Humph. That’s my baby girl”.

But this is also a huge milestone for me for one other reason.  Peep the other nominees in the Best African-American Romance category:

  • Francis Ray (Nobody But You)
  • Beverly Jenkins (Bring On The Blessings)
  • Brenda Jackson (Taste of Passion)
  • Rochelle Alers (Man of Fate)

Say what. Say who? These four icons of African-American romance…and me? Say what you want, but when discussing African-American romance and its trailblazers every last name on the list  has been mentioned. (DISCLAIMER: I’m not throwing shade on anyone but I like a good dose of reality and there is not one up and coming romance author who wouldn’t give a big toe to have these women’s career.)

I have read them all (especially Francis. Heart of a Falcon. Classic. All time favorite romance book.)  I respect them all for all they’ve done to make it a bit easier for me to get my job done.  I am so pleased and proud of myself to be ranked among them. I’m proud to be the up and comer with just 8 romance books under my belt compared to their substantial release amounts.  I’m still building my brand and honing my craft.  I still have a way to go and I’m excited to know that with each book I will only get better.  When it comes to my writing career, I feel like God is preparing me for  my breakthrough and this nod is a testament to that.




OFFICIAL RELEASE: Make You Mine (Romance)


The official release date of my newest romance is here and I am so excited for it to get into your hands.  Spread the word and tell anyone who cares–and a few that don’t care–that Make You Mine is officially available.  I think a lot of you who’ve been with me since Admission of Love will enjoy catching up with Mia and Jordan from Three Times a Lady (nice surprise, huh?).

I really appreciate all the luv and support I get from the readers.  Some of you I remember clearly because you always reach out to me and I am always blown away that y’all ride with me like that. 4 Real. (Okay I’m getting mushy.  You can tell from my book I am VERY emotional. lol)

So for all the online book buyers:


Barnes and Noble

Books A Million

 Thanks again everybody.

My Best 2 U,



Books Reviews Are In The Eye of the Beholder…

Make You Mine by Niobia Bryant: Book Cover
Okay people, reviews for MAKE YOU MINE are coming in and so far its a toss up.  One reviewer hated it and another loved it.  Go figure.  I’m posting both.  Bad reviews don’t bother me because it is just one person’s opinion–and like behind’s we all have one.  I did a blog “Bad Reviews and Why I Love Them” once and in that blog I said:

I see writing as a continuing education and I look for every opportunity to make myself a better writer.”

“I personally read reviews (mine and other authors) because there is a lot to be learned by good ones and bad ones. I learned readers love steamy books with great character development via reviews. I learned readers hate stupid heroines via reviews. And I learned readers love some details– but not too many–via reviews. I could go on and on.

I truly believe this.  A writer who is open and responsive to valuable criticism can only improve as an author. [ My writer’s tip for the day. 🙂 ] 

So here is the bad review and then the good review.

Who are you to believe? The good one,  the bad one, or the best one–yourself. (Books available May1 wherever books are sold. HINT!)

Read away…


THE BAD ONE: (Publisher’s Weekly)–asterisks represents spoilers that were removed

Newark native Bryant populates her hometown setting with clichéd characters and stock plot lines. Newly unemployed secretary Caress Coleman finds solace in the arms of successful photographer Julius Jones, but their one-night stand results in Caress’s pregnancy. Mutual friends implausibly let Caress into Julius’s apartment while he is away on business. Julius allows Caress to remain despite the requisite doubts about paternity and cohabitation with a near-stranger. Their close proximity refuels their attraction, until Caress asserts her independence by moving out when she gets a new job. *** briefly raise tough issues of mistrust and responsibility that vanish in the abrupt resolution. Bryant’s fans may be pleased by connections with 2001’s Three Times a Lady, but there’s little else to recommend this tired urban romance. (May)

THE GOOD ONE: (Romantic Times Reviews 4 1/2 stars)
Bryant’s latest turns out to be an extremely charming and intelligent take on a standard plot-line. The humor and growing love between the lead characters makes this a highly recommended read. Bryant has created two compassionate and lovable characters.
Summary: Tamara has been trying to get Julius and Caress together for a date since forever. She just knows they’re meant to be together, but she can’t convince them. When the date finally happens, sparks fly and their one night stand is the definition of high combustion. But Julius is leaving the following morning for a three-month journey to Africa, and they both assume that it will end there. Fate has other plans, however, when Caress ends up pregnant, unemployed and homeless. (Dafina, May, 352, $6.99) 
SIDE NOTE ALONG WITH SIDE EYE:  The PW reviewer’s mention of Caress moving into Julius’ apartment was an error. Most of the books takes place in Julius’ HOUSE–he never lived in an apartment and there was no mention of an apartment in the book.  (Okay, let it go, the writer tells herself . Relax, relate, release, Ni.)