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Upcoming Romance: STRONG HEAT (December 3rd)

Strong HeatSTRONG HEAT | December 3, 2013

Strong Family Series #6

ISBN-13: 978-0-7562-8716-8

Love is in the air when the Strong brothers and their sister come home for Christmas and re-visit their roots with the very sexy story of how it all began…

Lisha Rockmon just wants a good man who respects her family values.  But most of the men she meets want to get physical a lot faster than she does–except Kael Strong.  Their attraction is hard to ignore.  Yet the one man Lisha can imagine a future with doesn’t seem ready to get involved at all…

Wounded by his last relationship, Kael is hesitant to open his heart again, even to a woman as irresistible as Lisha. But despite his misgivings–and some outside interference–love just may find a way, setting the stage for future generations…


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Good Morning Readers,

My new romance, The Hot Spot, is available everywhere today…BUT if you go to a bookstore and it’s not on the shelves please double check with a store employee.  It may be in the boxes in their storeroom or they can order it for you if it’s out of stock already. Thanks every1.




THE HOT SPOT (Strong Family Series # 4 )

For one newly single lady, it’s time to make things hot…

When Zaria Ali married her high school sweetheart, she jumped straight into adulthood. But twenty-one years later, her husband has left her for a younger  woman, her kids are in college-and Zaria is looking to make up for lost time.

Who says she can’t be living la vida loca in her forties? And who says she can’t date hot twenty-six-year-old Kaleb Strong?…

Kaleb may be young, but he’s mature-and ready to settle down with the right woman. Zaria lightens up his serious side-and turns him on like no one ever has.  But is there more between them than just explosive chemistry? The only way to  find out is to follow his heart, and show Zaria that when it comes to love, age  is nothing but a number…



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Strong Family Series continues…

Give Me Fever hits stores this weekend. This newest “sexy, funny & oh so real” romance is available at all bookstores nationwide and all book retailers online (see links below). If you don’t see it in your local store, please ask them to order it for you. Thanks in advance, y’all.




She had everything she needed…until she met him
It looked liked it would take a miracle for sexy nature guide Jade Prince to notice quiet accountant Kaeden Strong. Then a camping vacation left them stranded together, sharing a sleeping bag and a wild encounter that burned up the cold night.

When it comes to making heat, they’re compatible in every way, except…

He’s a workaholic who’s allergic to the outdoors. She’s an adventuress with a vixen’s body and a tomboy heart.

He’s wanted Jade from the moment he saw her, but so do a long line of men–including her business partner, Darren.

On paper, Kaeden is all wrong for Jade–but can he prove he’s right in all the ways that really matter?