Reality Check

Reality doesn’t always bite…

I have a secret addiction. No, not my fascination for frozen Snicker bites or  back rubs or margaritas with an extra shot of Triple Sec or the small joy it brings me to see photos of Denzel . 

I speak of my odd desire to watch (and closely follow) reality TV.

Yes, y’all. I know I am wrong but I’m not ready to take the first of the twelve steps away from MTV or VH1. In the words of Anthony Hamilton “No matter what the people say, I’m gone love them anyway. I can’t let go.” LOL.

This season I am hooked on:

Go to fullsize imageThe Salt & Pepa Show–The scene where Pep had Salt’s husband and his friend’s gambling and drinking downstairs? Okay, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop or the sh*t to hit the fan.  Plus, watching the show makes me want to run out and buy a best of CD from the ladies.

I Love New York 2–yes, I know there are rumors that the show is as fake as my weave but y’all I hated to see Midget Mack go and gladly threw up the deuces to It–is he for real? Now things really are getting interesting with the return of beautiful Buddha–pray for Tailor Made or he might need a face mask for real. And yes, I am anxiously waiting for the return of Chance next week. (Yes, I know I need help. Pray for a sistah, y’all)

Gotti’s Way–Yes, I cringe when Irv admits that he loves his estranged wife but he couldn’t stop cheating, but I also cheered–a little–when he told his sons to “Man Up” (sorry Deb). And I want to see each step of his comeback story. Still, I have to admit that his take on marriage and the music industry is …interesting. You have to hear it to believe it.

Go to fullsize imageRun’s House–I love Run more now then I did when he was in Run DMC and cocky as hell. Lord, I was cheering when he didn’t reward the kids for getting good grades. Hello, that’s what they are supposed to do. You go, Run. I do have one question. Am I the only one wondering what his wife meant when she said “Give me another kiss with pepperoni on the side?–Yes, my mind went straight to the gutter. LOL.

Now, I  watch non-reality  TV as well (Girlfriend’s–come back Toni,  The Game, Everybody Hates Chris, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Law and Order, Monk, etc., etc.) but with the writers on strike and shows shutting down everywhere, it might time for for some of you naysayers to step on over into the reality zone. Holla.

3 thoughts on “Reality doesn’t always bite…

  1. I’m right with u on that i love The Salt & Pepa Show,Run’s House, and I Love New York 2. What can i Say it all for a good LOL for me!

  2. I didn’t real get down and list all the reality shows I watch…like The Hiils. Yes, I said it. I watch The Hills. LOL.

  3. See you are truly a woman after my own heart. I am so hooked on ILNY2 and Run’s House. Yes ILNY2 seems a bit rehearsed at times but you just have to wonder what is going through these men’s minds wanting her. So glad Punk left last week. He was really too too good for her. I think Buddha has an agenda that doesn’t involve loving New York but I love him anyway. He certainly put her mother in her place. I refuse to call her Sister anything. She is more of a drama queen than her daughter.

    Run’s House: My favorite reality show. I know I amm 49 years old but I want him to adopt me. I love the way they teach and love their children by example. I used to cringe at the Osbournes and their dysfunctional family but Run’s House is just that. Run’s House. Watching the show you know that what he says goes. Even if he make you laugh in the process and needs to pushed a little by Justine. Can’t wait to see what happens when their adoption goes through.

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