The Industry (Through my Eyes)

Real Love (As I see it)

Okay. Let me just lay it on the line. I have never been that much of a conformist once I officially considered myself “grown”.  I see things and usually do things my way.  And this independent streak lends itself to my belief in romances that depict “real love”.

Wouldn’t it be lovely for every single, living and breathing female to be swept off her feet by the ultimate Mr. Right–tall, dark, handsome and filthy rich.  He’s highly educated.  He says the right things. He does all the right things. He’s divinely perfect. He’s the epitome of romance. No flaws. No drama. Just I-T it.

Well, we may read romance novels where this is the norm but we don’t live within those pages. I won’t count the number of proposals my editors passed on because the hero was a blue collar, hard working man or because he had children from a previous relationship or because he wasn’t one of those rude ass alpha males that make you hate them just as much as you love them.  God forbid the heroine has bad credit and works in the service industry. Oh no, she doesn’t deserve love, I guess.  See, everyone doesn’t get my vision of real love.  Everyday love. An attainable love.

I want everyday women to believe that the same deeply profound and destined love of romance novels are out there waiting for them.  Ladies, you don’t have to dream of the chocolate prince on the white horse to give you the kind of love that will be better than ANYTHING any writer could ever dream of scribing.  How many of you have ran across one of those filthy rich brothers who are willing to sprint you off for a weekend in France. Puh-leeze.  Why can’t a schoolteacher, a hotel maid, a construction worker, a truck driver or a fast food worker fall in love in these books?  Only a certain demographic can have a sweeping love affair.  The working class don’t fall in love? Bullshit. Only the upper middle class Black folks have wonderful stories of love and commitment to tell? Double bullshit.

So even if I can’t slip in the hero with the everyday jobs I will continue to make sure that he talks like folks I see everyday. None of that flowery crap. No extra trips to my thesaurus to find a more complicated word to say something simple.  Everyday situations.  Real love for real people.  

2 thoughts on “Real Love (As I see it)

  1. Niobia, you have somehow taken every word out of my mouth. But after being subjected to this situation where I was not good enough because of my income. I have to say we all must put everything in God’s hands. He has many ways to give us what we want. But he also has a time set for it as well.
    Also I would like to add that I love your books on the Strong family because you are showing the world that there are brothers out there that are not about drugs and gangs. Great going on the positivity! God Bless You !!

  2. Niobia, you are by far the best. I have all of your books and love them all. I have a shelf in my room that is reserved for my top favorite books and it seems that all of your books has made it to the shelf. I had a couple other favorite authors, but you have far surpassed them all. I love your realistic approach to relationships. I love reading romances and happy endings, but some times other artist are way to syrupy sweet with their words. In real life when people are making love or having a good sexing down, they don’t say stuff like “I love you my darling”. I won’t get into the stuff they really say, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I’m saying all this to say Keep Up The Great Work, Keep those books coming, because I’m buying every single one. Oh, by the way, I am an aspiring writer myself. I am currently working on my first book. I have about 5 already plan to follow up. You have truly been an inspiration and if there is anyway you are willing to give advice or answer questions I would love to talk to you some time.

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