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Week 6: The Contest Continues (later rather than sooner)…

First, let me again thank all the readers for enterign the contest. Each week the pool of entrants gets bigger and bigger.  I really appreciate the luv and support.  Secondly, I will be back to blogging on the regularly bright and early tomorrow with 2 Eye Candy selections and my take on Real Love.  Kim Louise  and I are gearing up for the 2008 release of our African-American romance short-story anthology entitled Soul Love: The Ultimate Collection and it has taken all of my attention the last couple of weeks. (More info on the anthology coming soon)

For more info on the contest and to see previous winners check out the Contest Page.

Okay, on to the contest. I know I’m late as hell but y’all, work with a sistah who is on the grind…

Last week’s contest question: On one of their dates Garcelle and Kade had an argument in a public place and someone yelled at them to be quiet. Where did the argument take place?

Last week’s contest answer: In the movie theater.

The winner is (drumroll please): Patsy Nelson

Congratulations, Patsy.  Be sure to email me your prize selection and take a second to drop a comment.

Okay, y’all, I know I’m wrong but the week six contest will still end Tuesday night at midnight. No extra days to make up for my tardiness.  Two wrongs don’t make a right (LOL).

Week Six Contest Question:

Kade was chased relentlessly by the women of Holtsville.  Some were more aggressive than others.  In fact one woman tried to win his attention by leaving him a gift box  on his porch. What was in the box?


Email your answer to  before next Tuesday at midnight!

Good luck.

One thought on “Week 6: The Contest Continues (later rather than sooner)…

  1. YAHOO! I WON! Thank you very much! I love this book! Yes, I said it again. Well, let me tell you what happened when I came home today. I left the book on my desk with muy computer. I have two miniature poodles. The boy, Othello is 10 months old and loves to climb. Yes, he climbed in the chair, onto my desk and guess what he got? HOT LIKE FIRE. When I walked in my room HLF was all over the floor, the little monster had ripped it to shreds! Which made me HOT LIKE FIRE! Told hubby to go to Walmart and buy me another one, they were out! So now I am really HOT LIKE FIRE, will probably cool off tomorrow after I check a few more stores to replaced the copy destroyed by little CUJO. I guess he couldn’t put the book down either. LOL!So, once again Thank you.

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