Farewell Michael.


The sting of death is worsened when it is unexpected.  I never knew him but with his untimely death I know the chances of him proving to his critics/naysayers/haters/wish-they-could-but-never-will-be is gone.  And mostly that is what weakens me .  That and wondering if he was ever truly happy in the beyond belief world his music created for him.  That bubble. I truly ache, y’all, because his legacy should just be the music and some are not letting that be the case.

I FIRMLY believe MJ had what it took to lock the game down AGAIN. So his catalogue will have to speak for him and remind everyone of his greatness.  I believe he was before his time.  

I clearly remembered the night of the world premiere of the Remember the Time video.  We were excited like it was a movie or some shit.  My Mom, my brother, and were sitting in front of that TV just waiting for some newnes from the King of Pop.  We just knew it was going to be the shit.  And it lived it to ALL expectations.  The next day at school we rushed to talk about it all day long. Did you see this? Did you see that? Did you see this one or that one?  The dance steps (side note: all hail Fatima), the costumes, the cameos, the special effects. Damn. Are y’all really  feeling me right now? Wow. Please, please, please respect his gansta. 4 Real.

Find the peace, Michael, and rest well in it.