Incognegro/Checking In

I know I have been neglecting my blogs but deadlines are my frenemy/shadow/headache until July 1st–my own personal liberation day.  In July your girl will be back in full effect because I have NOTHING due this summer. Oooh, let me say it again. NOTHING.  Ow! (Excuse me while I do the Hal.le Ber.ry dance) 

In other news, Twitter and Facebookhave pulled me in like a drug but I have to ask where my people at? Between Myspace/Yahoo Group/Shelfari I have well over 2,500 myspace friends/group members/shelfari friends.  If y’all don’t come on over Twitter and Facebook! lol  I really prefer for readers to reach out to me because then I know you’re really interested in what I’m saying.  So for those who want random updates from your girl then come to my personal facebook page.  If you just want straight book info minus the filler (cuz I completely understand that some people don’t give two hoots what I’m doing all day) than hit up the Fan/Announcement Page.

I just set up a Twitter account for my YA series written as simone bryant: www.twitter.com/beapacesetter.  I separated them because the books are geared towards the youth (Niobia loves the kids) and I feel those readers should only come in contact with age appropriate things (from me anyway). So…if you know a pre-teen/teen/young adult who wants info on a FABULOUS Ya series or if you’re interested yourself then follow me. 

Now ya girl loves attention. Sue me.  I was ecstatic for my blog/mini-rant : Ten Thing That Irk Me Re: Being a Writer to get some buzz.  What I love the most is that people understand that this tirade (calling a spade a spade) was not for the readers that keep all writers with their name on a book cover.  I also love that other authors have shown your girl some love (Shot out to Aliya King and Angela Benson–thank you ladies for the co-sign).  As a writer who has experienced the backhanded bullsh*t from some writers, I am always invigorated when people have enough self-love and confidence to show someone else some love. (i.e if you are a woman who can never admit when another woman looks nice then you need to check yourself and love yourself. Seriously)  Writers don’t have to be petty and mean to each other.  We don’t have to throw shade to get our own shine.  (Umph. Let me throw that one out there again: We don’t have to throw shade to get our own shine. Whoo, your girl trying to be profound this morning, huh?) We are all in this 2gether–particularly African-American writers.  Yes, this is the perfect moment for …”Can’t We All Just Get Along?” (I thank you infinitely for that one, Rodney).  

Okay back to work.  Message From a Mistress is due July 1st to one of my three editors (Hey, Selena) and I am having a ball writing this one, party people.  So I am going to get lost in the dramatainment in 5,4,3,2,1…