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REVIEW: Kiss the Ring (Publishers Weekly)

From Publishers Weekly:

“This crisply written urban thriller from Mink (Real Wifeys: Hustle Hard) introduces a street-savvy protagonist, Naeema Cole, who is both a villain and a heroine. After a wild teenage life, she matures into a vivacious barber and a homeowner. When Naeema learns that her 14-year-old son whom she gave up at birth has been brutally murdered, she reinvents herself as “Queen” in order to infiltrate the vicious gang she holds responsible for his death. Her dual identities and the desperate attempts keep them separate cleverly showcase Naeema’s multifaceted character, so readers both understand and empathize with her plight. Each gang member inadvertently reveals another piece to an increasingly convoluted puzzle, and Naeema’s twisted relationship with the ruthless gang leader becomes a treacherous battle of wits and a deadly race against time. Fast-paced action, sizzling erotic sex, and a heartwarming kick-ass heroine will have newcomers and urban fiction fans alike eagerly awaiting Naeema’s next escapade.”


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