Classic Romances I

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I have been reading romance since I was thirteen and sneaking my Mama’s Harlequin American Romances, Silhouette Desires, or anything historical.  I fell in love with the genre from the get-go.  What little girl doesn’t dream of being swept off her feet by her one true love?

Well, reading Heart of the Falcon by Francis Ray  back in 1998 did even more for me than pull the romantic strings of my heart.  This book made me want to write romance because I loved the book and because it was a African-American romance.  Oh I had thoughts of writing before in other genres (hence all the variety of books I write now) but after reading this book I told my little wishful thinking self “Do it. Just pick up a pen and write.” Admission of Love was born and it was the the first book I ever finished in any genre.  So, Heart of the Falconis a special book to me because of that.  Lord, the first time I met Ms. Ray in Dallas I felt teary (and trust me I’m a hardcore chick like no one can impress me enough to act a fool–WRONG!!!). She probably thought I was crazy. LOL.

So I just wanted to share this classic romance favorite of mine.  In fact, I think I will go to my bookshelf and give it another read because you can never get tired of a reading a damn good book.

2 thoughts on “Classic Romances I

  1. Niobia:
    I truly agree with you. It’s like the movies the first weekend determines what’s going to happen. Tyler Perry emails his newsletter readers to get out that weekend to prove a point. I always try to get the book when it comes out that week, but here in Ohio these folks kill me when you go into a bookstore and ask for a book that was due out that day or a few days ago and they tell you that it has to be ordered. Happens to me all the time.

  2. Hi Keren,

    How have you been?

    My Mom went to buy Hot Like Fire for her and her friends–she refuses to cop free copies and I have a post on this same subject of family and freebies coming real soon. Anyway, she’s in Barnes and Noble and the books are not out on the shelf although the book was “released” on the 6th. The bookstore employee had to go in the back to get them for her. Say what? Say who? *Sigh*

    This goes to my feelings on the whole seperate section for African-American books. I won’t chime in now ’cause that’s yet another post for another day.

    Anyway, thanks for the support, girl. You have been a loyal reader for a minute and don’t think I haven’t noticed. Please don’t let the booksellers discourage you from trying to get the book early. I know I appreciate it.


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